Tokyo Cyber Squad: A Cyber Goth Band of Misfits

Tokyo Cyber Squad was born out of International Army. Hana Kimura became its leader after the STARDOM draft of 2019, renaming the group to Tokyo Cyber Squad on 21st April 2019.

Before TCS there was J.A.N [Jungle Assault Nation], which was the fourth faction of STARDOM. They would disband around the time of the draft, being replaced by the International Army. This faction was specifically created for foreign imports, a place for them to band together, but after the draft, with the group being mainly made up of Japanese stars, the name didn’t make sense and a change was needed.

Hana Kimura changed her look into a Cyber Goth aesthetic, creating a new version of herself, a truer version of herself. Kimura described the group as her own island of misfit toys [the Misfits do an amazing cover of this song, also take note of The Perks of Being a Wallflower]. TCS would preach acceptance of people’s individuality and differences, wanting to make a group where everyone would be accepted.

Who Are Tokyo Cyber Squad?

Tokyo Cyber Squad is in full force

The eight key members of Tokyo Cyber Squad include the young Rina, who had previously tagged with her twin sister Hina [Queen’s Quest] and older sister Hanan [STARS], and Ruaka who is a former member of J.A.N. and a newcomer who will blossom as the years go on.

Bobbi Tyler is a British import from London, England, being a relative newcomer to the scene, her work alongside TCS has propelled her to now be a part of the WWE as Stevie Turner. Zoe Lucas is another British import from Portsmouth, England who was formally a part of STARS before she betrayed the group to join TCS in June 2019.

Death Yama-San, also known as Kaori Yoneyama and Gokigen is a veteran of the Joshi wrestling scene and a former member of J.A.N. Kaori became Death Yama-San after being possessed by a demon from hell, because of these powers she has acquired she is able to pass on the possession via biting.

Konami was a part of Queen’s Quest before being stolen in the 2019 draft by Hana Kimura and Tokyo Cyber Squad. She had grown tired of her former comrades, being happy to leave the group coining the phrase “fuck you Q”. Konami is the striker and technician of the group, being the one to watch next to Hana Kimura.

Jungle Kyona is the ex-leader of J.A.N. being picked first in the draft by Hana Kimura. Kyona is the power wrestler of the group while still maintaining the reputation of being the biggest underdogs in the promotion.

Hana Kimura is the leader and founder of Tokyo Cyber Squad, signing exclusively with STARDOM in 2019. With TCS Kimura wants to take misfits and turn them into jem’s, with an intense wrestling style and a look and attitude that made her immensely popular, Hana Kimura’s star was shining bright.

A Cyber Goth Band of Misfits

Zoe Lucas, Hana Kimura, and Bobbie Tyler

The newly formed group would capture gold very quickly, with the team of Hana Kimura, Konami, and Jungle Kyona winning the Artist of Stardom Championships from Mayu Iwatani, Saki Kashima, and Tam Nakano on 16th May.  They would hold the belts until 23rd June that same year, losing to Mayu Iwatani, Saki Kashima, and Tam Nakano of STARS.

Tokyo Cyber Squad wouldn’t be without gold for long, winning the Goddess of Stardom Championships from Momo Watanabe and Utami Hayashishita of Queen’s Quest on 15th July 2019. The team of Konami and Jungle Kyona would hold on to the titles for 188 days, losing them on the 19th of January 2020 at the Stardom 9th Anniversary event to Bea Priestley and Jamie Hayter of Oedo Tai.

Also during this time, Konami would take part in that year’s Cinderella Tournament, reaching the final only to be defeated by Arisa Hoshiki while Death Yama-San would win the High-Speed Championship off of Hazuki on 20th July 2019, dropping the belt the following month to Riho.

On 4th January 2020 at the Tokyo Dome leader of TSC, Hana Kimura, would take part in the first women’s match since 2002 to be held in the famous building. She would team up with Giulia to face off against Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki in a dark match at Wrestle Kingdom 14.

All shows were canceled after the 8th March 2020 Korakuen Hall show, which was an empty arena show and shown live on YouTube, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All other March, April, and May events were canceled.

On 24th March 2020, Hana Kimura would have her last match during the Cinderella Tournament, which had limited tickets at the door and took place at Korakuen Hall, taking Mayu Iwatani to a first-round draw.

Life After Hana Kimura

TCS at the Hanna Kimura memorial show

After the global shutdown due to COVID-19 STARDOM would return, with Konami and Jungle Kyona challenging Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani of Queen’s Quest for the vacant Goddess of Stardom titles on 26th July 2020, but they would be unsuccessful.

The group would continue after the death of Hana Kimura on 23rd May 2020, finally disbanding on 3rd October 2020, after a loser must disband their unit match. Konami would turn on Jungle Kyona during the match, siding with Oedo Tai and joining them, allowing Natsuko Tora to pick up the win in the match. While Konami would join Oedo Tai the rest of the Tokyo Cyber Squad would be drafted to STARS.

Other notable alumni of the group include Mary Apache, Jamie Hayter who switched to Oedo Tai, Sadie Gibbs, Goya Kong, Avary, Leyla Hirsch, and Rebel Kel.

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