Stardom End of Year: Most Improved Wrestlers of 2022

Stardom is known for having the best of the best when it comes to the world of women’s wrestling. While there are some massive names who always deliver during their matches, I’m looking at you Mayu and Tam, there are some who have underwhelmed thus far in their careers. I wish that I could include names like Waka Tsukiyama and Lady C on today’s list but unfortunately, I cannot.

Today, I am going to bring you the six women in Stardom that I feel have improved the most in 2022. As always, this is my opinion and I’m sure that there are people who will disagree with what I decided. Let’s get into it.

#6. Rina | Oedo Tai

Rina from Stardom and Oedo Tai

The 15-year-old Rina has grown more in the ring during 2022 than her sisters Hina and Hanan and that’s saying something for someone who is doing this part-time while attending school.

Called Mini Hana, Rina has clearly taken things that she learned from the late Hana Kimura and begun incorporating them into her performances. She has improved massively on the mic this year and she even has her highest win percentage thus far in her career. With 58 matches as of this writing, Rina has won 19 of them with 38 losses and 1 draw. Sure, she doesn’t have the best results in Stardom but Rina has the potential to be a massive star for the company in the future.

#5. Mai Sakurai | Donna del Mondo


Having performed in a whopping 105 matches as of this writing, Mai Sakurai has been an iron horse for Stardom this year. She’s had very mediocre results like Rina, with 37 wins, 60 losses and 8 draws, but Mai has improved so much in the ring since joining Donna del Mondo. It sucked that she left the Cosmic Angels, but being under Giulia’s leadership has had a huge impact on Sakurai’s career thus far.

Mai Sakurai has only been wrestling for three years but she jumped from 12 matches in her rookie year to 105. Stardom sees her as someone they can trust to provide quality matches and being given so many opportunities this year only spells good things for this young woman.

#4. Maika | Donna del Mondo


Boasting 100 matches as of the time of writing, Maika has gone from sidekick to must-watch in 2022. With 59 wins, 23 losses and 18 draws, Maika’s win-loss percentage has held pretty steady since her debut back in 2019.

Why include her in a Most Improved list then? Well, she’s become more consistent in the ring. Each of her matches in 2022 has gotten better and better, proving that Maika has been learning and growing from everyone she’s faced and trained with. She may not be ready for the Red or White belt just yet, but Maika has a lot of upside to her career and I think she’ll just keep getting better and better.

#3. Mirai | God’s Eye


Another absolute iron-woman for Stardom this year, Mirai has had a whopping 110 matches as of writing. Not only has she had that many matches, but she won this year’s Cinderella tournament too. If that doesn’t give her the right to join a most improved list then I don’t know what does.

Mirai, fka Mirai Mayumi, didn’t really stand out to me much back in 2021 when she joined up with Giulia and DDM, but since following Syuri into God’s Eye, Mirai has come into her own as a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. Of her 110 matches, she has won 60, lost 26 and has 24 draws. That adds up to a 54.5-win percentage for 2022. Mirai might have an even better 2023, keep your eyes on this woman folks.

#2. Saya Kamitani | Queen’s Quest


With 105 matches as of the time of writing, the current Wonder of Stardom champion has had a very mixed bag as far as results go, but the quality of her matches has absolutely skyrocketed. Saya has had several match of the year contenders in 2022 and the future seems to be insanely bright for this young woman.

She’s only been wrestling since 2019 and went from 32 matches to 105 in that span. Kamitani is a rare, special breed of woman. She’s far taller than most of the women on Stardom’s roster but has an aerial attack that is nearly unrivalled. With 48 wins, 41 losses and 16 draws, Saya definitely had a very middle ground showing for results but Saya has proven herself as someone that can be counted on. Expect 2023 to be huge for Saya.

#1. Saki Kashima | Oedo Tai

That’s right folks, the woman who played the spoiler and the massive underdog in this year’s 5 Star Grand Prix is our most improved woman on Stardom’s roster in 2022. Saki Kashima has, for only the second time in her career, a higher win percentage than loss. Sure, she had a long hiatus between 2013 and 2018 where she didn’t wrestle at all, but Saki has wrestled 98 matches as of the time of writing and hasn’t let herself be outshined by anyone.

Sure, she’s mostly a comedy act and is one-third of the current Artist of Stardom Champions with Starlight Kid and Momo Watanabe, but Saki has been holding her own for the trio and has some massive wins under her belt this year. Saki has 48 wins, 46 losses and 4 draws this year and one of those wins was a massive upset over Syuri in the 5 Star Grand Prix. Miss Kashima may not be the most dangerous dog in the fight, but with the Kishikaisei, she is never far away from a three count.

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