Davis v Garcia; Boxing Fans Needed It

Not the ending so much, but the fight itself. This was a close run thing, Davis coming out on top and with fears for Garcia’s health as he didn’t come out for the 9th round, citing not being able to see – I really hope Garcia is OK.

But the fight itself was close and a very closely matched.  And as boxing fans, we need that, don’t we, when fights we want aren’t being secured and there are outstanding issues with Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr.

And this was rather a chess match.

The Pitch

Gervonta Davis is WBA Lightweight champ, 26 and 0, but with some carping about the opponents he faced and there was a personal issue hanging around. Well, this time it was pretty uncontrivertible, Hector Liis Garcia was 10-0, 3 No Contests, WBA Super Feather champ and ranked highly by Ring Magazine.

So this was a real test for both of them, which as fans is what we want, isn’t it?

Davis & Garcia

Credit; Bad Left Hook

The Fight

Blimey, that’s cagey. The first two rounds were a feeling out process, tight with a look at where the holes might be, Garcia getting the jab going.

When they both showed their defensive sides in the next round, Davis showed his speed, getting in and out quickly to do some damage with a couple of shots whilst Garcia landed one. But neither was asserting himself, a Davis overhand left answered by a Garcia uppercut.

Davis lands

Credit; Sporting News

By the 4th round though, Davis began to push forward incrementally, as they both traded hard shots, he was the faster man, taking shots at head and body, delivering them well.

Garcia threatened to assert himself, but it was in this 5th stanza that Davis started to reach him with lefts and rights, bothering him late in the round with a 1-2 combination. And that may be why Garcia started to mix it up when he came out for the next, they leant on each other, worked briefly as though in a phone box, both landed.

The elbow to push Davis off was stopped by the ref, but that might have been an indication that Garcia was having trouble with Davis pushing, although he didn’t look out of it. Another combination rattled him though, at the bell.

Slowly, Davis was increasing the pressure and after Garcia kept him off with his jab and Davis still got through. And after the round was stopped for 30 seconds or so after a ruckus in the crowd, Davis seemed energised.

Davis lays in a punch

Crefit; Boxing News 24

Firstly, he slipped two of Garcia’s shots, which he just hadn’t been showing throughout the rest of the fight. He backed up Garcia with his movement. And then he unloaded an uppercut and left hook which wobbled his opponent. Garcia walked to the corner on unsteady legs and did not come out for the 9th.

What’s Next?

Garcia told Boxing News;

‘When I got the shot to my head in the final round, that’s when I couldn’t see from my eye.’

He may well come again, although there is worry that he lost sight in the eye briefly, even though he says he’s regained it now. We’ll really have to wait and see if any further information comes out.

Davis? He came through a tough test and looked as though, had the match continued, he looked as though he would move up a gear which Garcia may have struggled to match.

That Davis didn’t turn that talent on earlier in the fight is testament to Garcia’s physical approach, his caginess, his ability to make Davis think twice.

And yet Davis passed this test rather well, Yahoo! Sports put it succinctly;

‘Hector Garcia fought Gervonta Davis about as well as anyone has fought him and he didn’t come close to winning.’

Next up? Another Garcia, Ryan. Should be one to really look forward to.

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