NFL Super Bowl LVII was one for the ages
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NFL Super Bowl LVII: The Chiefs Vs The Eagles In Arizona

Super Bowl LVII is here and it’s the Kansas City Chiefs Vs the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the first time that two African American starting quarterbacks will face off in the Super Bowl. Along with this the pair are the youngest starting quarterbacks at 27 [Mahomes] and 24 [Hurts], in Super Bowl history.

This year we are in my team’s stadium, the less said about the Cardinals season the better, State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The Chiefs are playing in their white away jerseys while The Eagles are in their green home jerseys. The Eagles are considered the best offensive line in the NFL right now which should give us quite an interesting game.

Other interesting facts about this game include this being the first Super Bowl to feature two Australian players, Arryn Siposs, a punter, and Jordan Mailata, a left tackle, both for the Philadelphia Eagles. The game was also informally referred to as “The Andy Reid Bowl” and “The Kelce Bowl”. This is the first Super Bowl to have brothers playing against one another, Travis Kelce who is the tight end for the Chiefs and Jason Kelce who plays centre for the Eagles.

This marks the fifth time a head coach has faced his former team at the Super Bowl. Andy Reid was the head coach for the Philidelphia Eagles between 1999 and 2012. He joins the likes of Weeb Ewbank [III], Dan Reeves[XXXIII], Jon Grunden [XXXVII] and Pete Carroll [XLIX] in this feat.

Eagles Dominate In The First Half

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It’s a quick start to the first quarter with both teams achieving a touchdown and conversion each in less than ten minutes, with both teams making huge gains on the field. Jalen Hurts gets the first touchdown of the game at 1-yard with a conversation by Jake Elliot. Travis Kelce makes an 18-yard touchdown reception from Patrick Mahomes, along with a conversion from punter Harrison Butker to level the score. It’s a great first quarter and both teams really do pick up the pace and aggression here. 7/7

The second quarter gets off to a phenomenal start with A.J. Brown [wide receiver] scoring a 45-yard touchdown reception from Hurts in less than a minute for the Eagles. The conversion is successful, thanks to Elliott, retaking the lead. A fumble with the ball for the Eagles allows the Chiefs to pick it up and score another touchdown. It was an incredible recovery and play (turnover) from Nick Bolton who returned for a 36-yard touchdown allowing for Butker to convert levelling the score at 14 all.

After a lot of small gains, Jalen Hurts [Quarterback] makes a big play and gets his team down the field to the 16-yard line, if they keep going there might be another touchdown in the Eagles’ future. After an infraction from the Chiefs in the neutral zone Hurts scores his second touchdown of the night from the 4-yard line following up with a conversion from Elliot bringing them into the lead with 21/14.

Patrick Mahomes is playing with a high ankle sprain and limps off the field after a nasty-looking tackle. With 54 seconds to go, the Eagles made gains but the decision is overturned as there was a loss of ball control. After that, they are still trying to make gains in yards but it’s a struggle with less than half a minute to go. Brown brings themselves up to just last the 20-yard line, they have now used all of their timeouts, for this quarter, to try and get a more significant lead. They go for a field goal, which Elliot executes perfectly on the 35-yard line allowing for a 10-point lead for The Eagles. 24/14

Rihanna Stuns At The Super Bowl Half-Time Show

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Sponsored by Apple Music we have our halftime performance from the wonderfully talented Rihanna, who hasn’t performed live in 5 years and is coming off of having a baby. In saying that, this is the moment she announces, in the best and most subtle way, that she is having a second one.

The performance was out of this world, a medley of her biggest hits finishing with Diamonds, which she sang while rubbing her belly. Dressed all in red with her dancers all in white, in the comfiest looking outfits imaginable, and they looked cool to boot, visually this was one of the best half-time shows I’ve seen. She is such an icon.

The Second Half Sees The Cheifs Bring The Fire

Patrick Mahomes will continue playing as we head into the third quarter with the Chiefs starting with the ball. Hopefully, this injury won’t cause too many problems for the Chiefs. Despite his injury, Mahomes drives forward to the 5-yard line. They drive once again against the Eagles’ defence and get down to the 1-yard line. With Isiah Pacheco [running back] getting his second touchdown of the night. After the conversion, thanks to Butker, we have a score of 21/24.

Nick Bolton [linebacker]gets another touchdown for the Chiefs but it looks like it might be incomplete on the Eagles’ side which would mean that the touchdown would be overturned, this would be a massive blow for the boys from Kansas City. So the call is reversed. With 5 minutes remaining in this quarter it feels like not much is being gained but the beauty of these two teams is that they are very good at big surprises. Bolton is having a fantastic game and forces the Eagles to go for a field goal. They achieve at the 33-yard line by Elliott bringing the score to 27/21 for the Eagles.


As we enter the fourth quarter let’s talk about this turf, everyone is slipping all over the place on it. The commentary team have talked about how it’s a new type, Tahoma 31 grass, and has caused a number of problems all season. The Eagles have had to change their cleats repeatedly during this game but the players are just sliding around. The Chiefs played in the stadium in game one of the season and complained about the turf at the time, it is suspected that this was a contributing factor in the injury to  Harrison Butker and Trent McDuffie.

The Chiefs have possessions as we enter the 4th quarter. They are making gains getting down to the 13-yard line, this should help them make that drive through the red zone to get a touchdown. And there it is. Kadarius Toney [wide receiver] gets the easiest touchdown of the game, a walking touchdown reception from Mahomes from the 5-yard line, with a conversion from Butker, putting the Chrifs in the lead. Their offence has been on fire this half and with 12 minutes left everything is still to play for. 28/27

It’s nail-biting stuff as we near the end of the game with the Eagles trying to fight back and gain a lead. Unfortunately, after a punt from the Eagles Toney gets the ball and heads down to the Red Zone. That was the longest punt return in Super Bowl history and it was magnificent, not a touchdown but had he managed it, it would have been an even bigger moment. Unfortunately, Mahomes goes for a throw touch down but it’s incomplete. They make another play and Skyy Moore [wide receiver] gets another touchdown reception from Mahomes, this time at the 4-yard line. Butker yet again archives a perfect conversion. That is three touchdown drives for the Chiefs, now we are at 35/27.

What a second half and 4th quarter. With less than 10 minutes left the Eagles need to find that fire that the Cheifs have found and push forward to make their Super Bowl dreams come true. This defensive line for the Chiefs is not letting the Eagles gain any yards at this point, but they will keep fighting and keep moving. And they do, Miles Sanders catches the ball but goes out of bounds at the 1-yard line, and they got the touchdown, from the 2-yard line, using a scrum technique to get the ball over the line. They go for a 2-point attempt which put the teams at a tie 35/35.

Jalen Hurts for the Eagels’ has been phenomenal tonight and is one of my MVPs of the game. Pacheco is another absolute star tonight, for the Chiefs, and is an enjoyable player to watch on the field. Mahomes gets his team into the Eagles’ Red Zone with 2 minutes to go and 2-time outs left each. Mahomes passes the ball to the end zone but it’s incomplete, there is also a flag, with a penalty, but they haven’t taken their field goal yet. Choosing to wait might be the smartest move.

It’s anxiety-inducing stuff right now, with the Chiefs closing to go down to the 2-yard line instead of a walking touchdown. The Chiefs use their last timeout to extend the play while also allowing the timer to count down to 11 seconds and go for a game-winning field goal. But can they do it? 27 yards away, the punter, Harrison Butker, kicks the ball and gets it with 8 seconds left. 38/35.

The Eagles need something big and monumental to gain the lead and win this game, it’s going to be hard but they will try, with a 6-second play, if they manage it, this could be the biggest upset we have seen in a while. It doesn’t work and the Kansas City Chiefs come out victorious.

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This second half was outstanding for the Chiefs, scoring on every possession with 24 points. They regrouped and played with real fire and passion and proved how great they are. They deserve it, especially after that second half. They have won two Super Bowls in four Seasons which is enormous with Andy Reed establishing himself as one of the more excellent head coaches of the modern age. The AFC wins the Super Bowl but can the NFC bring it back next year? We will see.

Awards For MVPs of Super Bowl LVII & GameStats

Game Stats are always fun to look at in relation to how a game played out and it’s very interesting that despite the Kansas City Chiefs winning the game they only possessed the ball for 24 minutes and 13 seconds during the whole game. The Philadelphia Eagles held the ball for more time, at 35 minutes and 47 seconds, this does explain just how close this Super Bowl truly was, the score was close with just three points in it. Underneath is a more detailed look at the game statistics and also our picks for Super Bowl MVPs.

StatisticKansas City ChiefsPhiladelphia Eagles
First downs2125
First downs rushing712
First downs passing1211
First downs penalty22
Third down efficiency4–811–18
Fourth down efficiency0–02–2
Total net yards340417
Net yards rushing158115
Rushing attempts2632
Yards per rush6.13.6
Yards passing182302
Times sacked–total yards0–02–2
Interceptions thrown00
Punt returns–total yards2–772–35
Kickoff returns–total yards0–01–11
Interceptions–total return yards0–00–0
Punts–average yardage2–492–47.5
Time of possession24:1335:47

NFL Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahones [Quarterback]

Lace ‘Em Ups Kansas City Cheifs MVP: Travis Kelce [Tight End] and Kadarius Toney [Wide Receiver]

Lace ‘Em Ups Philadelphia Eagles MVP: Jalen Hurts [Quarterback]

Lace ‘Em Ups Super Bowl MVP: Patrick Mahomes [Quarterback]

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