Brilliant Boxing Under The Radar

No Boxing Trending

It didn’t trend on Twitter, in the way that boxing fights usually do, it didn’t have the ballyhoo of upcoming fights, it didn’t have many podcast previews.

And yet it involved a WBA titles and was promoted by Goldenboy and shown by DAZN.

A shame the fight wasn’t bigger up, because short as it was, William Zepeda v Jaime Arboleda showed wonderful boxing action.

Credit; Bad Left Hook

The Boxing

It only went 2 rounds and ended incontrovertibly, but although the fight ended badly for him, Arboleda came to fight. He got the jab working just after the bell rang and went for Zepeda’s body, whilst ensuring he stayed elusive.

Credit; Bad Left Hook

Not elusive enough. Zepeda let a smooth combo go and a sudden left hook which wobbled his opponent. And Zepeda was in control. Extraordinarily. Smoothly. He suddenly just seemed to be faster, calmer, almost on casters; I’m no boxing connoisseur, I’m still learning about footwork and tactics during a fight, I’m a fan and to me, I just didn’t see how Zepeda became the controller of this fight, I just assumed it was boxing brilliance and I think I was right.

That Zepeda control continued in the 2nd round. He began with combos, but Arboleda fought back, a body shot put him down and, after he rose to his feet, commentary rightly commented ‘you can’t shake off body shots’.

And Arboleda certainly couldn’t. Another Zepeda body shot, disguising a snappy right, but him down again, but he fought back.

To no avail, after he fought from the left hook, Arboleda found himself on his front, stretched out, turned to his back and seemed extremely comfortable their as he was counted out.

Boxing Needs This, Part 623

It isn’t as bad as it was. The Tyson Fury – Oleksandr Usyk fight forago has lost its lustre for podcasts or column inches, whilst Eubank Jr doesn’t seem to be revisiting a fight with Conor Benn in another land as fighting in a British Boxing Board Of Control area is fraught with difficulties if not impossible, Eubank Jr will fight Liam Smith again in Manchester this Summer, to avenge his recent brutal-looking loss.

Plus, we had Tank Davis fighting Ryan Garcia last week, a tasty treat and soon we’ll have Canelo fighting again, Joshua Buatsi in action on the same day, Katie Taylor also soon and Devon Haney facing Vasyl Lomachenko – all these in May.

That’s good value for fans and although there will always be matches we want to see and although there will always be carping, which boxing fans love – come on, admit it – some good contests are coming up.

They’re the headlines, but it’s so important to celebrate fights which aren’t making headlines – this fight was short, unheralded and just wonderful. Boxing 24/7 had it right;

‘For the fans that were wondering who won the fight tonight?  It was the next star of the 135-lb division, the southpaw William Zepeda, with three knockdowns of the Panamanian Arboleda.’

Zepeda didn’t call out anyone after the fight, or rather he called our everyone;

‘I realized that the opponent wanted to mess up the fight, so I finished him… We are ready for whoever wants to fight. We know it’s a tough division but hopefully the time will come…’

he told DAZN. And that’s probably a good move because it starts a conversation and then fans make their own claims to future opponents; .

it creates interest, excitement and that’s exactly what Zepeda deserves. This was a brilliant display.

And that’s part of the beauty of the fight game, the brilliance can hit you anytime, like a well-aimed left hook, it doesn’t have to be a well-discussed fighting fist to do it; not more flying under the radar for William Zepeda.

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