Stardom Revisited: Himeka ‘The Jumbo Princess’

Himeka retired from professional wrestling on 14th May 2023 at just 25 after announcing her intention to on 10th February the same year. Her last match was a gauntlet match against the whole roster of Stardom at a special retirement event called Stardom Jumbo Princess Forever. Her final singles match took place last month, on 23rd April 2023, against her long-term tag team partner and fellow member of Donna del Mondo, Maika.

Now let’s look back at three matches of Himeka’s career in Stardom and celebrate her amazing three-year stint in the company.

Syuri Vs Himeka | We Are Stardom: Episode 128 | 29th April 2022 @ Ota Gym Hall


Skip to 14:28 for the World of Stardom Championship match between champion Syuri and challenger Himeka. The match before is also great if you are just dipping your toe into Stardom and shows AZM at her best against the very talented Mei Suruga for the High-Speed Championship in a comedic-style match.

We come in during the last 10 minutes of the match, to watch the whole thing make sure to subscribe to, where the pair are on the outside. Himeka hits a huge clothesline and then jumps from the top rope, the action heads back into the ring. The champion, Syuri, used to be teammates with Himeka before winning the World of Stardom Championship before going out on her own and forming God’s Eye. Both women are in red tonight, probably to match the Big Red Belt that is coveted by so many of Stardom’s top performers.

Himeka is known as The Jumbo Princess and it is clear why in this match, with her power and big moves on display, she is really bringing it to Syuri. These ladies have a very MMA/Strong Style type of moveset, with kicks, hard hits and big power moves always being a part of their arsenal.

There are many times it looks like The Jumbo Princess might win this one but ultimately she is no match for the champion. Syuri’s submission skills are the one advantage she has over Himeka and she uses it to her advantage. Tieing her up into knots in ways I have only ever seen Zack Sabre Jr. achieve.

Himeka Vs Saya Kamitani | We Are STARDOM: Episode 81 | Cinderella Tournament 2021 Semi-Final


Make sure to watch the first match too as it is a great one from Maika of Donna del Mondo and Unagi Sayaka of Cosmic Angels. Who will go on to the final of the Cinderella Tournament 2021?

Here Himeka goes up against the equally young and very talented Saya Kamitani of Queen’s Quest. This is the second semi-final of the Cinderella Tournament, which is a single-elimination competition with the winner going on to face the Wonder of Stardom Champion aka The White Belt. The current champion, at the time, was Tam Nakano.

We come into this match with around 5 minutes of it to go, We Are Stardom rarely gives you the full match, but this is a barn burner of a semi-final. Both women are young and evenly matched yet their styles are polar opposites. While Himeka goes for big power moves and uses her strength Saya Kamitani uses her agility and speed. It’s a great match-up and really shows off the diversity of Joshi Puroresu.

This match really does show off The Jumbo Princess at her best, not just from an in-ring ability but also in her character work and selling. Her selling, along with that of Kamitani, is fantastic, with both women holding the body part their opponent has worked. The look of shock on her face every time Saya Kamitani kicks out is priceless and her snarky and confident smugness is something to behold. A masterclass from two of the best young wrestlers Stardom has to offer.

If you stick around on this video you will get to see the final and who came out on top during the 2021 Cinderella Tournament.

Himeka, Maika & Giulia Vs Risa Sera, Suzu Suzuki & Kurumi Hiiragi | We Are STARDOM: Episode 170 | Kobe Showcase: Vol 4.


Himeka, Maika and Giulia of Donna del Mondo face off against the team of Risa Sera, Suzu Suzuki & Kurumi Hiiragi from Promaniance @ Kobe Showcase vol.4. [9:41] This was a great hardcore six-woman tag match involving lots of weapons, wrestling moves and some of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet. This match actually ended in a ‘No Contest’ but that shouldn’t put you off as this is a great match and is another example of how varied Joshi Puroresu can be.

We jump right into the match as the action is already flowing between The Jumbo Princess and Suzu Suzuki. There is a fantastic spot involving a chair full of plastic forks. there are many fun moments such as instead of thumbtacks or lego, the ladies of Donna Del Mondo scatter the mat with jewels, which are very hard and pointy. The action never lets up during this match which also includes lots of great wrestling and the match ended in an all-out brawl.

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