G1 Climax 33: C Block
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G1 Climax 33 C Block Preview: The Vicious Hard Hitters of New Japan

The G1 Climax 33 has got started and the C Block is full of vicious hard hitters willing to do what it takes to win this year’s tournament. Eddie Kingston, who is representing AEW, and Mikey Nichols of TMDK are making their debuts this year and are ready to make a huge impact in this year’s tournament. Tomohiro Ishii is back again this year ready to be the MVP and put on some of the best matches the tournament has ever seen.

Elsewhere we have Tama Tonga looking to get revenge on those who kicked him out of Bullet Club and he will get the chance with both David Finlay and EVIL in his block. Shingo Takagi is a real threat this year looking to get himself to the main event of Wrestle Kingdom while Aaron Henare has changed his name and has a new outlook and is ready to make his mark on this years G1.

This year is a little different, we have an even bigger selection of wrestlers than before while continuing the four-block format from the previous year. On top of that, the time limit for each tournament bout has been reduced from 30 minutes to 20, making for an even more fast-paced and frantic set of matches this year. The last three nights will see the top two scoring participants from each block enter the playoff stages, fighting it out to be crowned the winner of the G1 Climax 33 and a guaranteed match for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at next year’s Wrestle Kingdom.

Tama Tonga: The Good Guy Returns

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Tama Tonga is back and better than ever after being kicked out of the Bullet Club, he was an original member and was left out on an island pretty much alone. You might question this view on it, but with his brother Tanga Loa being injured and Hikuleo only leaving to join his brothers recently, Tama has had a rough time of it.

Over the last few years he has been slowly morthinging into the ‘good guy’ we all know and love today. This is a really strong block this year with everyone hungry to succeed but will Tama Tonga get the upper hand and win the G1? I don’t think the winner of the G1 will be from the C Block unfortunately but I would say Tama has a very good chance of making the playoffs.

Last time I was in a NJPW ring, Finlay sent me home on a stretcher. This G1 I’m moving forward, and I’m showing why I’m better than any of these guys sitting here. This is Tama’s G1.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

Tomohiro Ishii: The MVP of the G1 Climax

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Tomohiro Ishii, the stone pitbull, the MVP of the G1 never seems like he wants to win, but he is determined to put on the best most hard-hitting matches of the tournament and maybe even pick up a few points along the way. Every year, since I started watching the G1 I’ve wanted Ishii to win or at least make the finals. I don’t think at this point that is going to happen but I can hope. Making the playoffs might be on the cards but he has stiff compatition from the likes of Shingo Takagi, Tama Tonga, Eddie Kingston and David Finlay.

I will beat the crap out of everyone here.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

Shingo Takagi: The Dragon of New Japan

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Shingo Takagi is one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation and has had a hell of a time since joining New Japan, even making it to the top of the card and capturing the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. One thing he hasn’t achieved since becoming a heavyweight, which was insane to think that he was a junior heavyweight, is winning the G1 and headlining Wrestle Kingdom.

Is he going to win the G1 this year? I don’t think so but I think he more than in for a chance at making the playoffs this year. That is if he can get past some of the tougher opponents of the C Block.

The time is finally here! I said this to Tokyo Sports. First off, there’s so many people here! And a lot of international wrestlers as well. Half my block. That’s because we Japanese wrestlers haven’t been strong enough, so I will change that. 32 wrestlers here, but I’m the toughest, the wildest and the most energetic.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

David Finlay: Bullet Club Leader Looks To Win The G1 Climax 33

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David Finlay has been getting a big push since his return to New Japan and dethroning the Switchblade Jay White. Finlay now is in charge and he has very quickly began shaping the group in his image and also taking it back to basics, back to the days of Prince Devitt, now known as Finn Balor.

Will he win this year? There is a very high possibility that he will, especially with Gedo by his side but he does have stiff competition in his black. Making the playoffs is a must to keep him at the top and establish his power as the BC leader. He has his War Dogs behind him and I wouldn’t be surprised if some members that aren’t living up to his stranded are ejected from the group during this time. Finlay is definitely making the playoffs. He needs it the most.

I’ve heard C Block is murderers’ row, but nobody is on the level, and nobody has had the year I’ve had. I took the lead of BULLET CLUB, formed a team of killers loyal to me. Dominated all in front of me, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

Mikey Nicholls: The Badass of TMDK

mikey nicholls getty 1

Mikey Nicholls is one of the most badass and hard hitting wrestlers in this block and that is saying something. It is great to see him back in a New Japan ring and being utilized correctly, but will he win this years G1? No he wont but he will have a good showing, a mad man in the ring willing to do whatever it takes, this madman from Perth will charm you then headbutt you before downing a beer with the lads. He is one to watch despite not having a chance of making the playoffs.

It’s a great honour to be here. Everyone knows me as a tag wrestler, but I’ve had a successful singles career before that and I have picked up some new holds. You’ll see a whole new side of Mikey Nicholls. I’ll miss my daughters’ birthdays to be here, but I told them the best birthday present I can bring is that G1 trophy.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

Aaron Henare: The Maori Man on A Mission

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Aaron Henare, who will now be known as just HENARE, is the only professional wrestler of Maori decent to be signed to a full time contract in a major company. This means there is a lot on his shoulders, being a beacon of hope for many people like him hoping to make it in the wrestling business. He should have a fantastic showing this year while representing his culture and the United Empire in the process. Will he make the playoff and go on to win this years G!? I can’t see it happening unfortunately, this is a tough block and there are many wrestlers vying for that spot.

The C Block. NJPW went around the world and chose the toughest MFers there are. I have a score to settle with each of them. From here on out, each of you will see a different form of Henare that none of you will be expecting. I’m here to steal this G1.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

EVIL: House of Torture Looks to Destroy

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EVIL is the only member of the House of Torture represented in the G1 Climax this year while Yujiro Takahashi isn’t appearing this year. I miss him but EVIL will hold down the fort, he is facing off against many men he has wronged over the years while also taking on the new leader of the Bullet Club, David Finlay.

Will he win it all this year? No he won’t and he wont make the playoffs either. EVIL’s place on the card has decreased since his days as IWGP Heavyweight Champion and it doesn’t look like he will be positioned there again any time soon.

Look at C Block. Bland, dull as dishwater. There’s no way I’m losing a match. If I lose to these amateurs, I’d shave my head bald! And Finlay. We might both be in BULLET CLUB, but I’m at its fore.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

Eddie Kingston: Just A Man Living His Dream

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Eddie Kingston is just a man living out his dream and he is loving every minute of it. Kingston never thought he would make it to Japan, let alone to a New Japan ring but here he is. He is a huge lover of Japanese wrestling with an encyclopedic knowledge of it’s history. Kingston has been in Japan for a few events so far and already has become very popular amongst the fans with his unique in ring skills and understanding of the sport.

I think he will be one of the ones to make the Playoffs, I am hoping for it. Will he win? No but Kingston is going to be one of the most exciting competitors in C Block this year.

I’m humbled to be in this tournament, but I didn’t come here to take part, I came here to win. That trophy is coming back with me to Yonkers, New York.

G1 Climax 33 Press Conference

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