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Hidden Gems In My Grandpa’s Record Collection

My grandfather loved music and had a very big record collection. It’s been over a year since his passing and I am still finding records tucked away, many that I haven’t seen before, listened to or knew he even had.

That Special Moment


The album that made my grandpa notice my nan Ten Of The Best From Dickie Rock. Yes, this is one of her records but she told me this lovely story about the first time my grandpa noticed her. Apparently, she was caring about this album at the time and he was trying to take a peek at what it was without being obvious. He already liked her because of her striking red hair but the fact she was carrying a record at the time might have helped him in making the decision that he wanted to make a move.

That move wouldn’t come until a little later when she got hit by a car and he took care of her. Yes, that’s how they met. Six weeks later they had moved away from London and started their lives together. Kinda romantic don’t you think?

A Live Album in Japan

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This was hidden away in the garage and I screamed when I saw it, and it’s still in pretty good condition—Bob Dylan at Budokan is a triumph of a live album. Dylan is a master songwriter with a plethora of hits that tug on the heartstrings, make you think and are the soundtrack to rebellion. This album collects some of his best songs from an incredible performance at the Budokan. Definitely, one to seek out.

One of the First Heavy Metal Albums


Yes, Paranoid by Black Sabbath is in his record collection. I remember finding this out years ago, during the summers we used to spend in his garage listening to his records and just talking about everything and nothing. Those moments were very important to me and so is this record. His big smile was the thing I remember the most. I started flicking through his records and got excited about it. I asked him there and then if I could have this one when he was gone, He smiled at me and said I could have it now. Well, I let him hold onto it for another few years.

Black Sabbath was one of my gateways into metal music and also into the more macabre side of life. Paranoid is one of my favourite tracks by this band and on the album. The whole thing from start to finish just oozes dark metal perfection with Iron Man and War Pigs being particularly brilliant.

A Punk Record He Never Listened To

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That’s right, my grandpa loved music but this one was a strange find and wasn’t one he listed to, The Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks. What I found most interesting and why it’s in my collection now, is it isn’t the Yellow and Pink cover that everyone knows, I have the Pink and Green version. As it turns out this is the US variant, which is very exciting.

I love punk music myself but I can’t say I am a huge Sex Pistols fan. They are definitely a great gateway to punk and are really important to the scene here in the UK. This is a historically significant album and the fact I have this version in my possession makes me very happy.

Bam is a self discribed spooky bitch who loves punk music, deathmatches & Edgar Allen Poe. She is a lover of books, words & old movies. She has been described by few as an Inebriate Facilitation Specialist but loyal & fiercely independent by most.

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