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Memphis Wrestling: Early Quality

Front Loaded

Memphis Wrestling started with heat this week, a segment that was really well done.

Here’s how it went:

Former Memphis Wrestling Internet champ Tim Bosby came out to ask for his rematch, right here and now

Austin Lane, Memphis Wrestling Internet champ and his wife Nikki answered that call

It was a No, based on the perfectly reasonable notion that Bos should have to work his way back up

Bosby didn’t like that and so tried to goad Austin into a match

And he got it, by using this phrase;

‘You’re not even the best pro wrestler in your marriage’.

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

That was an amazing, quick, entertaining vignette to start the show, very 80’s, just verbals and damn near perfect

The match itself was rather good too, with head honcho Dustin Starr’s co-commentor Terrence Ward wanting the meaty suplexes Bos planted on Austin to be called a BosPlex – it stuck.

Bos eventually his his finisher, the Ripcord Clothesline for the pi….no, Nikki pulled her hubby out, ‘his crooked wife’ as Bos called her.

Memphis Wrestling BosPlex

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And she was the big feature here, as she went to slap Bos who stopped her, leading her to fall to the mat clutching her ankle – he was nowhere near it – and in the kerfuffle for Austin to hit a low blow and soon after the pin. And still Memphis Wrestling Internet champ…

That was wrestling entertainment perfection, told a story, heroes and villains, really well sold. Brilliant.

Barnabus The Pleader

He calls himself Barnabus the leader, but since Maurice The Strong went missing, he’s been looking for gainful employment.

When he came out with the LA Hustlers wearing a rather large Flavor Flav – almost clock and speaking in a sub-Teddy Long spiel, their faces were a picture. Like this…

Memphis Wrestling surprise

Credit; Five Starr Fan Cam/@fredstyle88

And he didn’t help in their match against Big Swole Justin Cole and Col…ton Cage. Their double suplex, hang time Cage dropkick which accesses some wicked air and smashing Swole slam sealed the pin. The Hustlers didn’t get much of a look in.

I feel sorry for Barnabus, I know I’ve not been very complimentary about him in the past, but maybe this lost soul needs my help to find employment – my windows need doing…


We had rough and tough Bashley Bones tussling with rather more refined grappler Diana Taylor; energetic and short, this match ended with a DDT from DDT.

Mike Anthony and K-Toomer are over in MemphisWrestling. And that’s very impressive, as they don’t really coax the crowd, they remain hard hitting and tough as old boots.

They seemed to be working 2 in 1 this week; who knows why Austin Mulitalo agreed to it, but I bet he was regretting it when he felt that brutal Anthony leg lariat and the Toomer avalanche in the corner.

Memphis Wrestling’s oddest good guys.

And it’s not just grappling in Memphis Wrestling either, just look at this Pop vid shot in the Wreslecenter.

The Main Event

Wrestling entertainment goodness. Ryan Rembrandt of Rev. Ash Taylor’s Righteous Path faced Chris Masters, the Masterpiece. Which of course Rembrandt thinks he is – clue’s in the name.

Good commentary from Dustin here, he has a seemingly obsession with telling us a chop nearly took a nipple off, another Masters chop and we get ‘there goes the other one’…

Of course the Rev and Rembrandt (sounds like a private investigator TV show) both took the Master Lock but before that, there was good work galore.

Marvellous Memphis

Set up with a great angle. Then keep that quality. Takes real skill and belief. Memphis Wrestling has that, week in and week out.

And that’s not all, 411Mania carried the press release;

‘We are proud to announce that #MemphisWrestling will premiere on Action News 5 Plus beginning Friday, September 1, 2023, at 11 PM. Memphis Wrestling will then re-air on Saturday at 12 PM, in its traditional timeslot.

Many historic memories from classic Memphis Wrestling took place in the studios of Action News 5. Our partnership with Action News Plus promises not only a nostalgic journey down memory lane but also marks the dawn of an exhilarating new era for pro wrestling fans worldwide, emanating from the Memphis Wrestling WrestleCenter.’

things are getting bigger for Memphis Wrestling. And that’s so well deserved.

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