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The Most Must-See Woman’s Wrestling of the Week For Week Commencing 4th September 2023.

The Most Must-See Woman’s Wrestling of the Week For Week Commencing 4th September 2023.

For many years in professional wrestling, each Woman’s division across the globe has never received the attention that it has today and whilst that is certainly a positive, the downfall for these Woman is indeed time. Time is of essence to us all. For Example we need time to heal, we need time to process but above all that we all need the time to flourish. 

Back in April 2015, the Woman’s Revolution was ‘officially’ born in WWE, however and truthfully, we all know that this began a long long time ago.

I have a real passion for Woman’s Wrestling, from the independent scene right up through to the so called big leagues. My aim is to highlight and share with you my favourite Woman’s matches from the week that was, you may have seen it, you may think differently on my views but ultimately, all I ask is for you to share this blog so that too can share this with anyone that may have missed it. 

Give our Woman the time that the deserve, get as many eyes and ears on them each and every single week and most importantly give them the time. 

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My first stop is down in NXT this past Tuesday where Champion Tiffany Stratton opened the night by defending against challenger Kiana James.

Now, I know what you are thinking (especially if you have seen this match) but I am choosing this match for my first piece purely down to the time element. These 2 opened the show, overshadowed but the very real prospect of main roster talent and one of the biggest stars in the world, Becky Lynch. These two woman were clearly told that they were unable to be given the time that they deserved so they sprinted through this match, hitting each other with as much as possible as quick as possible. Kiana James earned her spot in this match and Tiffany is one clearly one of the faces if there future. Whilst it was clearly obvious that Stratton was not dropping the gold to James, both deserved more and whilst what they did was remarkable with the time given, they haves much more to give together. If you want a quick taste as to how good the female talent pool is down in NXT and you are unfamiliar with the brand or either of these two athletes then I beg you to find 10 minutes out of your day to enjoy this sprint. Here is hoping that this is the first of many fantastic encounters. 


My second stop of the week was Friday night Rampage brought to us by AEW and the always fun and chaotic Trios matches, this was no different as we had the ever growing star power of Skye Blue teaming with former AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida and the superb Dr Britt Baker (D.M.D). This trios team took on Taya Valkyrie, The Bunny and Anna Jay. These 6 exceptional talents where once again working a sprint match of sorts. Everyone got just enough time to shine  in Chicago and whilst the heels used the hot crowd against them it was the faces who came out on top when Baker got the win for her side. One thing to note here was Hikaru Shida refusing to fist bump and leave. If one thing is for certain, I as many of you hope for an undercard feud between Baker & Shida. Also having Skye Blue in this match with no Willow Nightingale alongside felt very odd, but count my words when I say this, I am very ready for Willow to step up and turn heel on Skye Blue very soon igniting what could very well be a career changing feud for both. Go and check this out if not just for the talent involved! 

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Lastly and this was difficult because this is my Woman’s Match of the Week, I am rewinding to  Monday Night Raw and the hard hitting encounter between Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark. Zoey Stark is soo to be on a tear in the Raw Womans division and beyond. Her alliance with Trish Stratus is over after Trish’s defeat at Payback to Becky Lynch in that phenomenal 5 star steel cage match and now she is ready to conquerer all, well sort of. Shayna is going on the same tear up since defeating Ronda Rousey at Summerslam and in my opinion both should have been kept as far apart from each other for the time being but that does not takeaway how great and hard hitting this match was. The only issue was the clean finish, I would have like to have seen a draw of some sorts especially as both bumped fists at the end of the encounter and it is likely that these two will be paired in the woman’s division for the foreseeable and chase those cursed woman’s tag titles but if you want two hard as nails woman knocking each other about then please look no further. Shayna got the win when she applied the Kirifuda Clutch. 

Notable additions:

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Jade Cargill made her return to AEW this week when she seemingly saved the TBS Champion Kris Statlander from a beat down by the Renegade twins only to then hit jaded on the champion signalling that she is back for the TBS title. Jade being back is all I needed this week! Win win for Saturday night collision and a win win for Saturday Nights.



What would your thoughts be on a heel turn from either Skye Blue or Willow Nightingale? Would would you prefer to see turn on their friend? Let me know in the comments section or find me on twitter (X) @9plus1equals10

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