WWE Talent Releases: Main Roster & NXT Cuts Made

Today WWE began releasing talent from their contacts with the main roster being the first hit. This was a short time after announcing a new 1.4 billion dollar television deal for SmackDown with the USA Network and a return to Perth, Australia for Elimination Chamber next year. Currently, the list is small, but more are expected later today from NXT.

We will update as the news breaks, make sure to keep an eye on Sean Ross Sapp and Fightful as they seem to be the ones with the most information at this time.

WWE Talent Releases

Afternoon Releases: Top Dolla, Aliyah, Rick Boogs, Riddick Moss, Emma, Elias, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin & Dolph Ziggler.

Evening Releases: Kevin Cortes, Daniel McArthur, Yuliya Leon, Bryson Montana, Shanky, Quincy Miller, Daba Katto/ Commander Azeez/ Babatunde, Mace, Mansoor, & Dana Brooke.

Let’s have a quick overview of everyone who has been cut from WWE today. We wish them all the best in whatever they do next and please support these amazing people, no one deserves to lose their jobs. We also ask that you be kind while online today, even if you didn’t like a wrestler that has been released there is no need for hate or to message them about dream matches etc, let them have time to process.

Top Dolla

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Credit; WWE.com

Top Dolla hasn’t had the best two runs in WWE but in recent months he has got himself lean and really worked on his in-ring skills. The tag team division in particular needs more depth and Dolla, along with the rest of Hit Row was filling that void. He is a man who succeeds in everything he does, which is something many people from other sports do. His mindset will take him wherever he wants to go. And who knows? maybe he will kill it on the Indies. But I am going to miss Micheal Cole being horrible to him on commentary and their strange little feud.


January 15 Aliyah

Aliyah has been with WWE, mainly performing in NXT for the last eight years. From a boujee or bougie annoying girl to a fully-fledged underdog babyface, Aliyah has had quite the wrestling journey. Despite never really making an impact during her time in the developmental brand her call-up allowed her to shine.

During her time on the main roster, she was allowed to show off her in-ring and character work, which had improved massively and even went on to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside NXT Alumli Requell Rodriguez. She also holds the record for the fastest victory in WWE history at 3.17 seconds.

Rick Boogs

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Credit; WWE.com

Rick Boogs, my love, my 80s throwback and ultimate Old Spice Man, oh how I will miss you. This one sucks, from being one of the most captivating things to grace the screen to a horrible injury during his first Wrestlemania in a match against the Usos alongside Shinsuke Nakamura, Rick Boogs had it all. He was over like Rover, his partnership with Nakamura was a highlight of Friday Night SmackDown and who can forget Pat McAfee dancing on the desk during their entrance? He can do anything moving forward, cause he is just that good.

Riddick Moss

riddick moss emma

Riddick Moss has been with the company for quite a while but didn’t really start taking off till he teamed up with Happy Corbin. That time was magical for him, being funny and also getting to show off his power wrestling style. He is newly engaged to fellow wrestler Emma and the pair have appeared on screen together, unfortunately, nothing came of that and the pair seems to have just faded from TV. He has taken his release in his stride with humour and that just shows the kind of man he is.


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Credit; WWE.com

Emma’s time in WWE has been interesting, her first run was full of success and failers, who can forget Emmalina? But along with the former Paige, started the women’s revolution in NXT, paving the way for The Four Horsewomen to elevate the women’s division. Emma returned from an outstanding run in Ring of Honor and IMPACT to WWE in October of last year. Since then she has barely been used and was re-signed in the HHH era of the main roster, mainly to bulk out the women’s roster. She will definitely land on her feet and make a difference wherever she goes next.


Mustafa Ali

Shelton Benjamin

shelton benjamin

Dolph Ziggler

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Credit; WWE.com

19 years in WWE and now it’s over.

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