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10 Essential Bands: Halloween Edition

It’s finally Halloween and everyone needs a playlist to fit the spooky season. Horror Bands are a staple of this time of year and of the rock and punk music scene. Here at Lace ‘Em Up as a part of our DISTORTION section of the site, we wanted to give you 10 essential bands to explore this Halloween season. There are many bands that haven’t been included, we only have 10 spaces after all but expect 10 Essential Goth Bands coming to the DISTORTION section of the site soon.

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The 69 Eyes

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The 69 Eyes is a Finnish rock band that has its roots in gothic rock, glam metal and rock’n’roll. Founded in Helsinki in 1989 by current members Jyrki 69, Bazie, Timo-Timo and Archzie. They would later be joined by drummer Jussi 69 in 1992. The 69 Eyes have released 13 albums which is pretty impressive for a band that has been around for over 35 years.

They really gained a lot of new fans thanks to Skateboarder and Jackass, Bam Margera but they wouldn’t still be around or even as popular as they still are with just that. The music is what really gets you. It’s a magical mixture of gothic rock and glam metal that seems to work perfectly. Goth and Glam are really just the same thing but in different colours so of course they would make a perfect blend, add in that Rock ‘n’ Roll and you have one of the best bands to come out of the Finnish rock scene.

Their music sounds like their influences which include Mötley Crüe, Hanoi Rocks, The Mission, The Cult, The Sisters of Mercy, The Lords of the New Church, The Doors, Elvis Presley and Billy Idol. 

The Creepshow

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Three singers in almost 20 years means things have been constantly changing for The Creepshow, but that hasn’t stopped them from putting out horror-themed bangers regularly. Formed in 2005 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, the Creepshow started off as a psychobilly band but slowly moved into a more punk sound, while still retaining their previous sound. Their songs are heavily inspired by horror films and are perfect for anyone who loves some spooky undertones to their musical taste.

Twin Temple

Twin Temple Promo Photo 2020

Satanic Doo-Wop might not seem like a natural combo but Twin Temple are masters of this style that is completely their own. Twin Temple is a duo formed by a married couple and practising Satanists Alexandra and Zachary James. They are deeply spooky, you should see inside their new house, it is a Victorian gothic dream, you can see images from their Metal Hammer interview from this year’s spooky edition. New house I hear you say, well that’s down to them being doxed a while ago.

Their music is very interesting and heavily influenced by 1950s and ’60s artists and bands such as The Platters, Roy Orbison, and Buddy Holly while also incorporating their faith and lifestyle into their lyrics. They discuss serious topics as well, from otherness to LGBTQ+ rights. They exclusively record in mono to keep that authentic sound. Twin Temple is a true joy and something truly different when it comes to horror or gothic bands.

Ice Nine Kills

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Credit; Fearless Records

Ice Nine Kills also known as INK formed in 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts during high school when Spencer Charnas, who is the only remaining founding member still in the band to this day, and Jeremy Schwartz. Starting off as a ska-punk band they have shifted gears into metalcore early on in their musical journey. incorporating many different types of metal, rock and punk Ice Nine Kills have created a sound of their own described as “theaticore”

Their first three albums are very much in the mould of metalcore but they seemed to expand their sound and lyrical creativity with Every Trick in the Book, an album where every song was inspired by a different book. Their name actually comes from the fictional substance ice-nine from the novel Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. Their most recent albums, The Silver Scream and The Silver Scream: Welcome to Horrorwood, in what is a planned trilogy of albums inspired by horror movies have been their biggest hits to date. It’s also some of their best work.


creeper 2023 press
Credit; NME

Creeper is one of the best bands to come out of England in the last ten years, along with Sleep Token, creating a resurgence in the British music scene. Hailing from Southampton the Gothic Punk band has evolved over the years to include more depth and skill in their lyrical and musical style. Being influenced by AFI, Alkaline Trio, The Bouncing Souls and David Bowie their most recent album, Sanguivore, they have added Jim Steinman and The Sisters of Mercy to their inspiration.

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