The Indie 52: Independent Wrestling That Matters

The Indie 52: Independent Matches That Matter | Nov 1-8, 2023  

The world of independent professional wrestling [Indie Wrestling] is jam-packed with matches of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Every night of the week, promotions across the world run shows for audiences of all sizes, and literally, anything can happen. That level of unpredictability is why I love indie wrestling (and Indi Wrestling but that’s another story) and why I want to spotlight some of the matches that I think other fans should check out. 

Marcus Mathers (c) vs. Dyln McKay | ETU Keys to the East Championship | H20-Uncharted Territory Season 5 Episode 1 

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Winner: Marcus Mathers 

Live from the historic H20 Wrestling Academy, the premiere episode of IWTV’s Uncharted Territory Season 5 featured a series of terrific matches, many of them for various championships across the independent scene. On just one show, the Action Wrestling, ETU Keys to the East, H20, and IWTV championship belts were all on the line. 

Of the four title clashes on the card, Mathers and McKay was a standout. Best friends and tag team partners fighting for a championship is always dope, especially when it’s Mathers and McKay. I have highlighted the pair’s previous bouts, and this one was once again sublime. Dyln was more than willing to do whatever it took to capture his friend’s title by utilizing rib-cracking kicks and lighting-fast aerial shots.

The crowd favourite Mathers was somewhat shocked by the McKay onslaught, withering in pain from the damage done to his ribs. Mathers was able to turn the tables with a cutter of the ropes into a German suplex, gathering crowd support. 

McKay wrestled a cerebral match, continuing to deliver heavy impact maneuvers including a gorgeous spinning DDT and a devastating brainbuster that sent Marcus crashing into the corner. 

Dyln also displayed a surprising amount of vitriol and disrespect toward his partner, which just served to raise the stakes between the two. The H20 faithful witnessed a war between two young bucks, finally punctuated by an apron tombstone piledriver

The piledriver plus a signature 450 splash was finally enough for Mathers to pin his best friend down for the three-count. Friends who fight together put on the best show, and what a show this was. I can’t wait for the next battle between these two prodigious talents. 

Dimitri Alexandrov (c) vs. Bryan Keith | Pure Prestige Championship Match 

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Winner: Dimitri Alexandrov

Seeing Bryan Keith wrestle in any state is a special treat, and that is especially true when BK is wrestling in his home state of Texas. Keith is one of the most sought-after talents in indie wrestling because he always delivers, and did so once again in this match. 

This was my first experience watching Dimitri Alexandrov, and the defending champ was impressive. The St. Petersburg, Russia-born Alexandrov was beloved by the Inspire A.D. crowd, which was a pleasant surprise for me. 

The two powerful men tested one another to begin the title bout, trading crushing body shots and chops both inside and outside the ring. Things got violent quickly outside the ring, with Keith nailing his opponent with a DDT onto a chair. 

Alexandrov enjoyed a size advantage over Keith, while Bryan held the speed and quickness category. Alexandrov repeatedly smashed Keith to the mat, but BK was tough to keep down. Bryan was able to deliver a terrific combo ending with a Tiger Driver 97, which is usually enough for a Keith win. Not so in this one, as the burly champ withstood. Dimitri also had to withstand a flurry of Keith headbutts, as well as an ugly crash that sent both men laying on the exposed concrete outside the ring.

Alexanderov kicked out ANOTHER Tiger Driver 97, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Dimitri thought he had the win after a great Death Valley Driver, but Keith sat up after one. This ending portion was a ton of fun. In the end, Alexanderov was finally able to secure his title with a Burning Hammer driver. 

The Bloody Bear Fighter vs. The Bounty Hunter is a terrific battle of nicknames, which just added to my excitement and enjoyment of the match, and the names were fitting. Overall, a big bad Texan vs. an even bigger Russian just had a nice sort of sense to it, and both badass dudes repped their homes well. If you’re looking for a down-and-dirty fight that ended in an explosion, this is the match for you. 

Young, Dumb N’ Bros (Jordan Oliver & Davey Bang & August Matthews) vs. Maki Death Bussy (Maki Itoh & Effy & Allie Katch) | GCW Si Or No 


Winners: Maki Death Bussy 

Six of the professional wrestlers that bring me the most joy in the world put on an extravaganza worthy of their Atlanta setting in this one. 

The energy from MDB’s entrances alone was enough to send the crowd into a frenzy, and the excitement was just beginning.

Maki was able to spike both members of Bang N’ Matthews, creating an early advantage for her team. August was then worked over by a variety of body parts from the raunchy trio. The young and dumb crew rallied back, as Oliver delivered a series of kicks to Allie Katch, punctuated by a quadruple stomp by the team formerly known as the Bang Bros. Katch was able to tag in her partner Effy, and Daddy went to work, hitting Bang and Matthews with a double blockbuster. Effy became a one-man wrecking crew, slamming all three of his opponents to the ground.

A thrilling sequence began with an Oliver cutter to Effy, who later ate a Spears Tower by Davey and August. That would have been enough for three, except for a save by Katch. The powerhouse Allie was a difference maker in the end, setting up her team for a triple headbutt fall and win. This was an absolute blast, and I was endlessly entertained. 

Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) (c) vs. Violence Is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini) | GCW World Tag Team Championship Match | GCW Si Or No 

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Winners: Violence Is Forever

An extremely violent affair, no pun intended, this match left all four competitors bruised and bloodied. Garrini and Ku were ready to fight from moment one, attacking Los Macizos before Emil Jay’s ring announcement. Ciclope and Miedo took this challenge head-on, and decided to go extreme, battering VIF with vicious chair shots. The defending champs also introduced a number of doors to the match, but Ciclope was slammed through the first door by both members of the challenging team. All four members of the match then decided to bash one another in the head with chairs, resulting in a bloodthirsty roar from the attendees. 

Dom and Kevin then busted out a nasty double stomp air raid crash onto a chair to Ciclope, which looked like it really hurt. The champs responded with their own tag team manoeuvre, which a GIF will do better describing than I can write. 

Macizos nearly retained with a Doomsday Device to Ku, but Garrini was able to break up the pinfall attempt. Violence Is Forever was finally able to secure the victory with an epic Chasing The Dragon finisher through a glass pane, in which Ku wrapped a chain around his striking foot. What a brutal fight, and deserving end of Macizos run as champs. After the match, the crowd serenaded Violence Is Forever with a rousing chorus of “Zombie.” It was all extremely cool and fun. 

This Si Or No card also featured another terrific tag team bout in Mance Warner and Manders versus Alex Coughlin and Gabe Kidd, also known as the Second Gear Crew vs. Bullet Club War Dogs. It was super hard-hitting and well-worked, and I recommend you should go watch it. Either team would be an excellent matchup for the new champs. 

I will readily admit, that Violence Is Forever is one of the teams most responsible for my love of independent wrestling. Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini are present-day tag team legends, and this match adds yet another chapter to their impressive history book. A personal congratulations to the new champions. Can’t wait to watch your reign.

If you have an independent wrestling match that you think deserves to make this list, comment below or let me know @NoAverageJoel on Twitter.

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