10 Matches for Johnny Gargano on WWE’s Main Roster   

Hearing Rebel Heart blare through the arena on Monday Night was a beautiful thing to hear and a sight to see, Johnny Gargano, better known as JOHNNY WRESTLING is BACK. He teased a debut in AEW, a return to the indie scene, and a return to WWE. He, thankfully, chose the latter due to the... Continue Reading →

Why The BCC Is The BEST Thing for Claudio

It was a weird feeling to see Claudio Castagnoli debut in AEW at Forbidden Door, not a bad feeling, it was just different from the debuts we’re used to seeing when a wrestler becomes All Elite. It was quite rushed due to the injuries sustained by Bryan Danielson but we got the man formerly known... Continue Reading →

John Cena: 10 Best Matches Of His Career

There are simply four words to describe John Cena; Greatest of All Time. Whether you like him or you hate him, cheer him or boo him, you can’t deny that he is the absolute greatest sports entertainer in WWE history. The man is a draw, a polarising figure who creates so much buzz from very... Continue Reading →

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