CM Punk: Controversy Creates Ca$h?

Seth Rollins was apparently furious. Drew McIntyre stormed out. The Alligator Man Skinner apparently wasn’t asked. There’s nothing wrong with talking about it. Wrestling fans enjoy talking about it. Nothing wrong with that. No, there isn’t, talking about the sports … Continue reading CM Punk: Controversy Creates Ca$h?

Dirty Honey

Dirty Honey : Great Name, Better Band

What’s in a name? You’ll want something tough and uncompromising, spiky like Armored Saint or battle-ready like Tailgunner. Or you’ll want something more sumptuous, sassy and sexy – step forward, Dirty Honey, the sumptuousness and illicit thrill of the prohibited. … Continue reading Dirty Honey : Great Name, Better Band

Marvellous Memphis Wrestling Mayhem?

There was a definite feeling this week about Memphis Wrestling. The turning of Mike Anthony on his partner K Toomer last week was a precursor and that continued this week. Mike’s Dumpster Deal Toomer wasn’t happy with Mike Anthony. And … Continue reading Marvellous Memphis Wrestling Mayhem?