A History of The Presidential Veto

This week, President Biden announced via Twitter that he was vetoing his first bill as president. The 80-year-old revealed he was vetoing a bill passed largely by Republicans that would ban the government from considering factors such as climate change and potential lawsuits in making investments towards retirement plans.    However, what is the presidential veto... Continue Reading →

The Election Of 1788-89: The Election That Started It All

Hello everyone and welcome to the first in a new series exploring one of my favourite topics when it comes to history and that's the Presidential Elections of the United States of America. In this series, I'll be discussing every Presidential Election in United States History all the way to the 2020 election. Along the... Continue Reading →

Interesting Facts About Every Modern Prime Minister

The modern era (defined in this piece as 1900-) has seen 26 different prime ministers, with 31 different ministries (with Stanley Baldwin, Ramsay MacDonald, Winston Churchill, and Harold Wilson returning to office – Baldwin doing it three times). Despite such a vast amount of PMs, each one has managed – memorably or not, positively or... Continue Reading →

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Every Vice President Who Suddenly Became President Ranked From Worst To Best

In the annals of American history, there have been countless presidents who've ascended to the highest office after winning elections but then there are these guys; the guys who became President of the United States by accident. Normally due to their predecessors either dying or resigning from office, these guys were then unintentionally called upon to... Continue Reading →

10 Most Unbelievable U.S. Presidential Stories in History

When talking about the Presidents of the United States, you'll often hear about their rise to the top, what accomplishments (or lack thereof) they had during their time in office and the overall effect they had on the world whilst being the most powerful men in American History. However it is worth remembering that the... Continue Reading →

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