Example’s of Multi-narrative structure

This is when more than one voice is telling the story. Different points of view of characters are given.

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this for me is the easiest style of storytelling and writing  as i find it more interesting getting inside multiple characters head and seeing the same situation from different points of view.

  • A Visit from the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan, rotates narrators and perspectives with each chapter, including one that is formatted to look like a footnote heavy article in Details magazine, and a 76-page PowerPoint presentation.
  • The first two Dexter novels are written entirely in the first-person, from Dexter’s POV. Round three mixes it up when the reader gets intermittent third-person visits from Dex’s stalker.
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  • Some chapters of American Psycho are told in the third person, as opposed to the first-person narrative of the rest of the novel.






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