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Example’s of Dual – Narrative

This is when two stories run alongside each other. It may be two people telling the same story or just two different ones that alternate.

  • Final Fantasy VIII Has the dream sequences, which turn away from Squall and the SeeD to give the player the chance to see Laguna’s story from his days as a Galbadia soldier with a crush on Julia to his days with Raine and rebellion in Esthar.
  • Warrior Cats generally swaps between two major plot threads, and a third, far-removed one.
  • Lord of the Rings employed this trope, giving it a place in one of literature’s modern classics.
  • Heroes Volume 1 has about nine different plot threads, essentially one for each main character. They frequently weave together and diverge again as the characters interact with each other throughout the episodes, until all threads merge together for the grand finale.


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