Top 3 ANTM Photographs per Episode

Shoot 1: Catwalk Selfie

Shei: I love the make up and the fact that she is even modeling in her face while on the catwalk 10/10 

Romeo: Yes Yes Yes, give me all that intense face 9/10

Lenox: Beautiful and different 8/10

Shoot 2: Water in Black & White

These three are just so much yes, i feel like there the only ones who really captured the brief.

Chantelle: 9/10

Keith: 9/10 

Lenox: 9.5/10

Best Photo: Keith

Eliminated: Ivy

Shoot 3: Optical Illusion 

This was a hard photoshoot and i understand how much a model would struggle with it, but these three really pushed it and made the shoot worth it

Ben: 10/10

Lenox: 9.5/10

Will: 9.5/10

Best Photo: Ben

Eliminated: Chantelle 

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