Top 3 ANTM Photographs per Episode Shoot 7: Robot Love I loved the idea for this shoot but I don’t think many of them really delivered or understood what they had to do. the contestants all seem very robotic, but they weren’t meant to be robots….just in love with a robot. Will: 9/10 Lenox: 9/10 Matthew: 8/10 Best Photo: Lenox Eliminated: Matthew Shoot 8: Hair Product Beauty Shoot This shoot was a paired shoot but the only images i can find are the individual images, so those are what I’ve judged. Mirjanna & Keith: M: 6/10 K: 9/10 Shie & Denzel: S: … Continue reading

Top 3 ANTM Photographs per Episode Shoot 4 Black Widow/Perfume Commercial i wouldn’t say this was a difficult shoot, you just need to know how to embrace your sexuality and in my opinion these where the best Will: 9/10 Adam: 8/10 Raelia: 10/10 Best Photo: Will Eliminated: Romeo (kicked out) Lenox (brought back w. 5 frames)  Shoot 5: Long Hair Don’t Care this is such a good shoot and really shows who can be versatile and who is starting to lead the pack. Shie: 10/10 Adam: 8/10 Lenox: 10/10 Best Photo: Lenox Eliminated: Ben Shoot 6: Ice King’s & Queen’s this, … Continue reading

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The Two Tone Split Hair Trend and Why I’m In Love With It We’ve seen this look knocking about since about 2013 with Hayley Williams being one of the first to rock this look but it’s only this year that the trend is finally taking off, so here are my top three picks of the woman who have pioneered and worked the look the best.  Hayley Williams rocked the look back in 2013 during the promotion of ‘Still In To You’ and opted for an Orange & Pink look which worked well. i loved the look the moment she popped onto … Continue reading

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Top 3 ANTM Photographs per Episode Shoot 1: Catwalk Selfie Shei: I love the make up and the fact that she is even modeling in her face while on the catwalk 10/10  Romeo: Yes Yes Yes, give me all that intense face 9/10 Lenox: Beautiful and different 8/10 Shoot 2: Water in Black & White These three are just so much yes, i feel like there the only ones who really captured the brief. Chantelle: 9/10 Keith: 9/10  Lenox: 9.5/10 Best Photo: Keith Eliminated: Ivy Shoot 3: Optical Illusion  This was a hard photoshoot and i understand how much a … Continue reading