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Hey guys! I need a HUGE FAVOR. My LITTLE sister has been working for the past year trying to start up a new bikini line, SIRENETTA. She just turned 21 and she’s done everything by herself; the designs, the marketing, the ACTUAL BATHING SUITS she made by hand! She’s been trying really REALLY hard to get her name out there, and just started a KickStarter a few days ago.

All of her bathingsuits are really UNIQUE (Including one top that can be worn four different ways) and I encourage you to check out her KickStarter Page to see some more of the colors and designs available. Not only that, but for every bathing suit she sells she DONATES TO OCEAN CONSERVATION.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, any dollar you can spare is GREATLY APPRECIATED. And if you can’t donate, it would be so HELPFUL if you could just reblog it! We need to reach as many people we can, even just to let people know! Thank you SO MUCH, you guys, it really means a lot. ;o; I want to see my sister’s dream come true. 


As a new mother i have no money to spear but these bikinis are beautiful and if you want a new look for the summer while helping the environment head over to her Kickstarter and get your self one.

Bam is a self discribed spooky bitch who loves punk music, deathmatches & Edgar Allen Poe. She is a lover of books, words & old movies. She has been described by few as an Inebriate Facilitation Specialist but loyal & fiercely independent by most.

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