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The Two Tone Split Hair Trend and Why I’m In Love With It

We’ve seen this look knocking about since about 2013 with Hayley Williams being one of the first to rock this look but it’s only this year that the trend is finally taking off, so here are my top three picks of the woman who have pioneered and worked the look the best. 

Hayley Williams rocked the look back in 2013 during the promotion of ‘Still In To You’ and opted for an Orange & Pink look which worked well. i loved the look the moment she popped onto my TV screen singing about the love she has for Chad Gilbert. you can see her hair stylist talking about this transformation as well as some of her other looks here ———–> 

Ashley Costello, of New Years Day, has been sporting the look for a few years now and has done the look that i even considered trying, Red & Black which is a safe option but still makes a bold style choice and a great look for any would be rocker or Harley Quinn cosplayer. Have a look at Ashley doing what she does best ————> 

Shei, who was contestant on Cycle 21 of ANTM, was given a Ying and Yang hair make over on the show which works and is a very versatile look you can go from dark Gothic witchy to high fashion model, it’s all about how you wear and style the look. plus who doesn’t want to rock the cruella deville look….minus the mullet she was sporting from the animated film. 


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