Dolly Parton: The Queen of Country 

I Love Dolly’s Style and everything about her as a person. I love her platinum blond hair and the denim, and fringe and OMG the rhinestones… many rhinestones. I wouldn’t wear half of the stuff she does but you can always have more Dolly in your life, from high-waisted denim shorts to fringed boots and a good shirt tied up at the front you can put a bit of country into your wardrobe without it looking like fancy dress. 

She paved the way for female country artists and always stood up for what she believed in and never compromised for any man. She wrote all her songs herself including Jolene, Nine To Five and I Will Always Love You, which she wouldn’t allow Elvis Presley to record because she wasn’t prepared to sign over half of the publishing rights of her song to Elvis, which was a standard procedure at the time for any song he recorded.  She has been married to the same man, Carl Thomas Dean for nearly 50 years (in 2016) which is a huge achievement for any person let alone a ‘celebrity’ and is the godmother to Miley Cyrus who has a great appreciation of country music and does an amazing rendition of Jolene. 

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