Top 3 ANTM Photographs per Episode

Shoot 7: Robot Love

I loved the idea for this shoot but I don’t think many of them really delivered or understood what they had to do. the contestants all seem very robotic, but they weren’t meant to be robots….just in love with a robot.

Will: 9/10

Lenox: 9/10

Matthew: 8/10

Best Photo: Lenox

Eliminated: Matthew

Shoot 8: Hair Product Beauty Shoot

This shoot was a paired shoot but the only images i can find are the individual images, so those are what I’ve judged.

Mirjanna & Keith: M: 6/10 K: 9/10

Shie & Denzel: S: 8/10 D: 8/10

Raelia & Will R: 7/10 W: 9/10

Adam & Lenox: A: 8/10 L: 6/10

Keith: 9/10

Shie: 10/10

Adam: 8/10

Best Photo: Will

Eliminated: Denzel

Brought Back: Chantelle

Going To: Seoul

Shoot 9: Wear A Glove

this shoot has the models in two outfits and different gloves, but we are focusing on just the images that were released for voting.

Shie: 10/10

Adam: 9/10

Lenox: 8/10

Best Photo:




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