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Spotlight on: ALTON

FMP – Garden Furniture made from Recycled and Upcycled Matireals.

Artist: Lottie Venn

Specialism: 3D Design

Where Next: University of Brighton – stydinging 3D Design & Craft (BA Hons)


Discription: “For my project I wanted to create functioning and interesting
Garden Furniture, made from recycled and up cycled materials. I’m interested in
using recycled materials because they have a history of their own and strong character
within each material. I’ve tried to maintain these qualities within the pieces
I’ve made, but at the same time give them a new function within design. 

I’ve made two pieces of furniture, The Gardening Chaise
Longue and The Head Gardeners Throne. The Chaise Longue is made from a table
top, which I’ve cut and curved two forks which create the back rest and then
four different legs. The Head Gardeners Throne’s main structure is made of an
old Norwegian frame, which cut down to the size of the throne, the front legs
are made from two bits of wood I found in a skip. The Head Gardner’s Throne, is
supposed to be the ideal garden seat. The two spades attached to the front legs
are to rest your books, magazines, tea, biscuits ect. The side bucket can be
used to hold your newspaper, or a bottle of something!!”


The Review: Lottie Venn’s work was one of the first pieces I saw at the
Alton college exhibition and I instantly took a likening to it, from the use of
old wood to the recycled gardening forks and spade handles, the Gardening
Chaise Longue was the piece that really stood out to me and is definitely
something I would have in my garden and would be used at BBQ’s with family and
friends on warm summer nights. I also loved the inclusion of the industrial
bird that almost looks mechanical but was definitely a great addition to the
Chaise Lounge as a whole. 


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