Spotlight on: ALTON

FMP – My Generation.

Artist: Edward Woodger

Graphic Design

Where Next:
Brighton University


Discription: “I believe there is a new generation of people taking part
in sub-cutlers within the UK and the ‘old’ sub-cutlers are becoming as strong
as they once were in their prime. ‘My Generation’ is a magazine which focuses
on MOD culture through the years , the magazine is aimed at an audience of
people aged between 16 – 25, who want to know more about this important
sub-culture. All existing magazines on MOD culture are too similar and aimed at
the generation of the 1960s, my aim was to create a high-end magazine combing
the culture and history but with a modern style with the use of colour,
typography and imagery, which I thought would appeal to a younger generation.”


The Review: Edward Woodger’s work was another one, for me, which really
captured my interest and imagination. I saw people from all generations looking
at his work and talking about it, old and young comparing real experiences with
what they thought the MOD era was. His work was eye catching, colourful and intriguing
while the printed copy of his magazine was completed to a high standard that
made me want to take it home and read it cover to cover, unfortunately I
couldn’t as there were only three copies on display but I’m sure many, like me,
would pay for one, which I think says more about his work and talent as a
graphic designer than I ever could in this review.  

The 1960s and MOD culture will always have a special place
in my heart, it is the decade my grandparents moved to London, met and fell in
love. It’s the decade that some of my favourite films were made and set in, and
it’s the music of that decade that made me love and really appreciate music and
has influenced me so much in my own work in styling and photography, it’s a
decade I always go back to be it through my granddads record collection, my
Nan’s stories of moving to London or films like ‘Quadrophenia’ and ‘The Boat That Rocked’. And this project by Edward Woodger felt somewhat comforting to me and
made me realize there are still young people out there who want to know more
about that decade and the sub-cultures that inhabited it and grew from it.


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