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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 1

Our Review of Episode 1 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here.

  • Nathalia J-Mag: I like her style, she’s into futuristic style that is Eco friendly and with no waste. Her look and style is very now.
  • Erin: She says she is inspired by how trash can be turned into fashion while focusing on how trash ruins our oceans. Her work is also colourful and full of texture.
  • Sarah: Fun & Practical. I have to say this is the kind of stuff i would wear, there is nothing wrong with being a little commercial. She’s all about bright colours and prints.
  • Mah-Jing: Structured & Sexy and he likes to play with how denim can be used in different ways. I think it’s so cute that his wife is his muse.
  • Roberi: He went to school here in the UK, That’s so exciting, He makes his own material and i just think it makes his whole look stand out. I love the texture in his work and the experimentation within it. 
  • Rik: His work is so interesting, it’s so conceptional and fun and different, i loved his army bag turned jacket.
  • Alex: His work is elegant and edgy. His work is like a modern take on classic silhouettes and the beauty of women.  
  • Kimber: Her work is interesting and something special, it feels so real and very her and shows us her story.
  • Linda: Her work is all about androgyny, i’m loving the street style vibe and the different textures and materials. i want to wear everything. 
  • Tasha: I love the fact she has her own models, it’s fun, it’s street wear, it’s arty, it’s so now and i can see people in art schools rocking this look, this collection goes beyond boundaries and feels like it is for everyone.
  • Brik: Another denim lover. High waists, stylish looks and intellectual style are what will make him stand out.
  • Jenni: She’s self taught and a blogger and illustrator so she is really on trend and knows whats happening right now. she could be really exciting to watch.
  • Ian: Simple, Monochrome,Slouchy and Flowey. He describes it as old man meets little kid. I get that, my wardrobe is very similar.  
  • Corey Ortiz: He also goes by Cornelius. I love that jacket but it’s not good from a styling standpoint for TV, but it is beautiful. It’s the same with the arms on the high necked top, but i love the stark black and bright colours. 
  • Laurence: Lot’s of leather and exciting patterns that are old fashioned while beings used in a modern way. her clothes look expensive and are sexy as hell.
  • Dexter: Loves Grace Jones……That’s all I need to hear for me to LOVE you. I just want to see Dexter’s whole collection, I need it all in my life, forever.
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