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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 4 Our Review of Episode 4 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here. This is hounestly the episode I have been looking forward to. I hate neon but i love black light, this should be one of the most creative challenges they have done on this show. I love the way Erin describes things, it must be manic in her head. Tim is just too much this season already Cornelius: i love the simple day look and real urban punk night look Jenni: This whole look is EVERYTHING i love about fashion kids and … Continue reading

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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 3 Our Review of Episode 3 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here. Just Fab Challenge: Yes, support all the women Every woman should get to feel beautiful and stylish no matter her age, hight or size.  One day challenges are brutal I would love to go to Mood, there is just so much choice there. I find it strange when Tim walks in the room and it’s deadly quite When Tim says basic, I need that as my text tone. I swear there is always that one person who messes up just before … Continue reading

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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 2 Our Review of Episode 2 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here. There all meeting at a cute little party, I wonder if anything in the room will have anything to do with the challenge? I Knew it….they have to use the decorations as the materials.  I love it when thinks get this hectic I love it when Tim gets bitchy When they don’t listen to Tim and get sassy I don’t know how they get it all done in the time given. The fact that they have to style their models, says … Continue reading

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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 1 Our Review of Episode 1 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here. Nathalia J-Mag: I like her style, she’s into futuristic style that is Eco friendly and with no waste. Her look and style is very now. Erin: She says she is inspired by how trash can be turned into fashion while focusing on how trash ruins our oceans. Her work is also colourful and full of texture. Sarah: Fun & Practical. I have to say this is the kind of stuff i would wear, there is nothing wrong with being a little … Continue reading