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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 2

Our Review of Episode 2 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here.

  • There all meeting at a cute little party, I wonder if anything in the room will have anything to do with the challenge?
  • I Knew it….they have to use the decorations as the materials. 
  • I love it when thinks get this hectic
  • I love it when Tim gets bitchy
  • When they don’t listen to Tim and get sassy
  • I don’t know how they get it all done in the time given.
  • The fact that they have to style their models, says alot about their taste level. Styling is harder than it looks. 
  • Mah-Jing: I love this dress, i want it, its so beautiful
  • Jenni: Her outfit is strange but i kinda love the vibe. It’s fun
  • Sarah: Love the skirt HATE the top
  • Nathalia: I like what she was trying to do, but it looks kinda cheap

  • Dexter: that outfit was another level.
  • Rik: LOVE LOVE LOVE, it’s so interesting
  • Ian: I agree with Tim, this is so BASIC
  • Tasha: she is the designer for me, that outfit is something I would rock all the time.
  • Erin: Give me big bird chic, it’s classy and fun.
  • Linda: i like parts of it, but something is kinda off for me
  • Kimber: I love the vibe of it, but it just looks like a tent
  • Laurence: So Basic
  • Brik: It’s like a futuristic 70′s rock goddess
  • Cornelius: I love this look, the green makes the flowers on the neck just POP

  • Roberi: This was an interesting look for me, it would look amazing in a photoshoot

  • Alex: What is with those colours together…..well the taste level on that is something else.
  • Safe: Mah-Jing, Jenni, Sarah, Nathalia, Rik, Linda, Kimber, Laurence, Cornelius and Alex.
  • The Six: 

    Roberi, Dexter, Tasha, Erin, Ian, Brik

  • Top Four: Erin, Tasha, Dexter, Roberi
  • Winner: Erin 
  • Bottom Two: Ian and Brik
  • Eliminated: Ian
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