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ANTM: Episode 6

Our Review of Episode 6 of Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model is here.

  • I feel bad for Kyle, especially after last week, but she is adorable.
  • Ashley Graham is so cute and knows how important eating right is
  • She honestly gives the greatest advice, i hope she’s back next season
  • I know what it’s like to live with untidy people, but on the surface the house looks fine, they just need to respect each other more
  • This wouldn’t be ANTM if there wasn’t a hook up
  • Challenge Time
  • I love action shots but they are hell to shoot. and they only get one shot, this one is hard
  • Paige won, I loved her picture so much
  • Chanel Iman is so stunning and they have to out model her, this is getting harder each week.
  • i couldn’t live in a house with that much drama
  • Cody, her image is just so eye catching

  • Courtney, this image is doing nothing for me

  • Kyle, this isn’t her best picture but i kinda love the toughness of it
  • Marissa, the problem with the image is that I didn’t even notice her

  • Tatiana, This is amazing, i love it so much

  • Paige, I love this, it’s so good
  • Binta, i may not like her personality but she is so strong and i love this image
  • India, i really love her half of the picture, but I do understand what there saying
  • Krislian, I love it, but she does need to learn how to work her body
  • Coryanne, should get best photo again this week cause that was another level.
  • Best Photo: Coryanne
  • Bottom Two: Kyle and Krislian
  • Eliminated: Krislian
  • when you see the images side by side Kyle gave more face, but i would of picked Marissa or Courtney for elimination.
  • Next Week:Dance, Dance, Dance, Music Videos and Sass
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