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ANTM: Episode 6 Our Review of Episode 6 of Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model is here. I feel bad for Kyle, especially after last week, but she is adorable. Ashley Graham is so cute and knows how important eating right is She honestly gives the greatest advice, i hope she’s back next season I know what it’s like to live with untidy people, but on the surface the house looks fine, they just need to respect each other more This wouldn’t be ANTM if there wasn’t a hook up Challenge Time I love action shots but they are … Continue reading

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ANTM America’s Next Top Model is back, here in the UK, so i’m here to review the first episode of the new season, through bullet points and unedited reactions. I love the fact Tyra came back for the first episode, she built this brand and empire for herself and shows women that we can be strong and we can carve our own destiny. 28 girls seems like a lot but i’m guessing they will be cutting that number down by half. New Juges: Rita Ora, Ashley Graham, Drew Elliott and Law Roach, they are actually a dream team for where … Continue reading