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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 3

Our Review of Episode 3 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here.

  • Just Fab Challenge: Yes, support all the women
  • Every woman should get to feel beautiful and stylish no matter her age, hight or size. 
  • One day challenges are brutal
  • I would love to go to Mood, there is just so much choice there.
  • I find it strange when Tim walks in the room and it’s deadly quite
  • When Tim says basic, I need that as my text tone.
  • I swear there is always that one person who messes up just before panel
  • Laurence: Love the colour and cool girl vibe of the jumpsuit

  • Rik: I really like the top but the skirt is horrible, i don’t like the cut of it at all. oh wait it’s a one piece…now i hate it.

  • Alex: Black, Dramatic and Trendy, i would wear this look on a night out.

  • Jenni: This look is really fun and on point with whats happening in fashion right now

  • Kimber: I really like this, it’s a little simple but would work for any woman of any shape or size

  • Linda: I do really like this, it’s cool and trendy but i don’t know if it’s right for every woman, i feel like unless your toned or have very little body fat you could feel self conscious in that bodycon dress. 

  • Nathalia: I would go out in that, fitness is huge right now and this look works for busy women going to and from a workout.

  • Sarah: I’ve seen this look on every store website for the past 10 years, i mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but i just want more from you.

  • Mah-Jing: This is gorgeous, and with the sintched waist it will work for most body types, have to get that perfect hourglass shape from somewhere.
  • Cornelius: I’m sorry this is just too much going on. i like elements of it, but on the whole it’s a big no.

  • Tasha: That’s something i would go out in, every occasion needs some rock and roll.

  • Brik: ugh, so basic, so boring

  • Dexter: It’s so cool, i need this in my wardrobe
  • Roberi: I love the fact it’s three different pieces that can be work together while also being worn with other items within a woman’s wardrobe. i need more of this

  • Erin: I do like this, but i wish i could of seen the other look she described in the work room.
  • Safe: Mah-Jing, Jenni, Sarah, Nathalia, Rik,


    Dexter, , Cornelius and Tasha.

  • The Six:  Erin, Kimber, Alex,

    Laurence, Linda, Brik.

  • Top Four: Erin, Laurence, Alex, Kimber
  • Winner: Laurence
  • Bottom Two: Linda and Brik
  • Eliminated: Linda
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