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Project Runway: Season 15, Episode 4

Our Review of Episode 4 of Season 15 of Project Runway is here.

  • This is hounestly the episode I have been looking forward to.
  • I hate neon but i love black light, this should be one of the most creative challenges they have done on this show.
  • I love the way Erin describes things, it must be manic in her head.
  • Tim is just too much this season already
  • Cornelius: i love the simple day look and real urban punk night look

  • Jenni: This whole look is EVERYTHING i love about fashion kids and creative types.
  • Alex: It’s all kinds of boring
  • Mah-Jing: I like it but i don’t love it

  • Nathalia: i wan’t sure when she was making it, but it’s a real showstopper on that runway.

  • Roberi: I really do love this, the texture and colours really make it POP but it does look similar to something i saw at my prom. 

  • Kimber: I like the fact that the change is subtle, i just kinda wanted more from it
  • Sarah: your look are gorgeous but just too safe for my liking
  • Rik: It’s a strong warrior princess look, but i don’t love it.
  • Laurence: I’m so glad she has immunity cause she would be in trouble this week.
  • Tasha: I love you BUT I don’t love this look
  • Erin: how does she do it every week, it’s so cute and girl next door for daytime and just something eles a little nugty for night time. The need is real.
  • Brik: Yawn, i don’t get what you were doing
  • Dexter: That whole look was just amazing, need more fringe in my life..
  • Safe: Sarah, Nathalia, Brik, Roberi, Dexter,


    Alex and Tasha.

  • The Six:  Jenni, Kimber, Erin, Cornelius, Rik,


  • Top Four: Jenni, Erin, Cornelius, Rik
  • Winner: Erin
  • Bottom Two: Mah-Jing and Kimber
  • Eliminated: Kimber
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