ANTM: Episode 7 | Cycle 23

My Review of Episode 7 of Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model is here.

  • How do these girls even cope with all this drama? I would just hide in a corner and read a book
  • As someone who trained in dancing for nearly 10 years, there is a lot of truth in the relationship between modelling and dancing.
  • Even when performing you have to focus on your body, your lines and your face.
  • I love Kyle, because she just does her, and she is so likeable
  • India, my queen, please win this challenge
  • Tatiana won, she was my least favourite, I mean yeah she looked like a model BUT she was too stiff.
  • There working with Director X, shut the front door, that is exciting
  • And i love Gypsy Sport, there stuff is just another level
  • One Take, this is going to be amazing
  • When they chat back to the judges and expert help.
  • So what if Courtney cries all the time, people are allowed to cry when they feel like they’ve messed up
  • Some of them are struggling like so bad.
  • Marissa needs to be told some home truths
  • Paige, that was so fun and exactly what you see in campaigns for fashion lines now a days
  • Coryanne, it was good, but she could of done more
  • Marissa, that was god awful, I have no words
  • Cody, it was ok but too posey, I need more
  • Binta, just no
  • Kyle, I loved the end but the rest was so meh, but at least she is always her.
  • Courtney, it wasn’t as bad as it could of been, seen as though she missed all her marks
  • Tatiana, she made it fun but she could of been girlyer and bouncier.
  • India, WAS SO GOOD, it was high fashion and high street and fun and cool… was EVERYTHING
  • Best Photo: India
  • Bottom Two: Marissa & Kyle
  • Eliminated: Kyle
  • Next Week: Parties, Luxe and Drama

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