205 LIVE – 28th May 2019

Before the credits

We get a fun interaction between Gentleman Jack Gallaher & Humberto Carrillo setting up a match between the two.

The Brian Kendrick vs Mike Kanellis

The Brian Kendrick has such a great entrance music as does Mike Kanellis

Because Maria came out first I thought we where getting The Brian Kendrick vs Maria Kanellis. That’s the real feud I would like to see, give me that intergender match.

Brain Kendrik suplexed Kanellis off of the steel steps.

Mike Kanellis picks up the win.

Also did the commentary team forget that last week Akira Tozawa won a fatal 5 way to be the number one contender for the title.

Promo segment

So apparently that wasn’t a number one contenders match, but I’m pretty sure it was stated as such last week. The plus side is at least Tony Nesse want’s to fight Tozawa, hopefully at Stomping Grounds, on the main card.

Ok who’s messing with 205 Live.

Noam Dar vs inharsment talent.

The match wasn’t a squash but it was a match to show of Noam’s personality & playful nature.

This crowed is super rude, I will stand by my belief that the WHAT? Chant is one of the worst thing in wrestling.

Promo Segment

Poor Kayla fluffed her lines but tried to recover. Drake Maverick spotted R-Truth

Oney Lorcan made an ear joke, it was very smart, I appreciated it. Because he split open Arya Daviris ear last week.

MUST WATCH: Jack Gallagher vs Humberto Carrillo

This main event match started strong straight out of the gates.

This match is a must watch for anyone that wants to see a fantastic combination of old school British mat based wrestling, Mexican luhca libre & technical submission based wizardry.

Gentleman Jack Gallaher would look great with British Strong Style. Think of all those beautiful moustaches & beautiful British wrestling. Humberto Carrillo picked up the victory.

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