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Shoutout to Juice Robinson & his marvellous commentary.

About Taka & Shingo “lareat his bangs right into the third row.”

“you want to fight me Ishimori, then crawl up my ass and struggle for air”

About Titan & Dragon Lee “there like superheroes & wear beautiful costumes”

“I would slap the face off of Finley for 2 points”

SHO vs Tiger Mask

Will Ospreay vs Ren Narita

Hard hitting match with Ospreay giving Narita a good showing & nearly tapping out to the Young Lion.

I pop a little whenever he does the Robinson Special.

Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Marty Scurll

Marty is still a huge star in Japan & it can only get better for him.

Scurll & Kanemaru started the match by threatening each other with the formers umbrella & the latter’s whisky bottle.

The match then spills into the seats of Korogun Hall, with hard hitting strong style, chops & the ref being shoved about a bit, with Brody King trying to keep Kanemaru from entering the ring before the count of 20.

The end of the match involved a great spot involving whisky spray, umbrellas & Marty Scull pulling out the win by outwitting his opponent.

MUST WATCH: DOUKI vs Robbie Eagles

Robbie Eagles is a star and this story they have been telling during this tournament about his need to be a good person while also being apart of the Bullet Club had been one of the most compelling stories being told & has really fleshed out his character’s within a faction full of them.

Robbie Eagles gets his head busted open less than 5 min into the match by a DDT on to a chair on the outside, but he preservers through his injury to win making DOUKI tap out.

Taka Michinoku vs Shingo Takagi

Michinoku starts the match with hard hits & strong submission holds, working on Takagi’s legs & knees specifically.

Taka cracked out a moonsault early on before dragging Takagi out into the audience putting him into a submission hold for a count of 13, but both made it back before the count of 20.

MUST WATCH: Bandido vs Ryusuke Taguchi

This is a master class in wrestling from an old pro & a young up and comer, if you can even call Bandido an up & comer.

This match shows that Bandido doesn’t just do high spots & Lucha Libre style but also comedy, with the Taguchi endless run spot.

Bandido pulls out the victory over Taguchi.

Jonathan Greshham vs Taiji Ishimori

Ishimori spat at Gresham before the bell even sounded showing his disrespect towards the ROH star.

This match is full of hard hitting power moves, reversals, beautiful chain wrestling & great submission moves, showing off how amazing & talented these athletes are.

YOH vs Bushi

This is long standing rivalry that dates back to 2017.

Bushi was strong going straight out of the gate, the match soon descends into a combination of hard chops, high flying athleticism & strong submission moves with that distinct New Japan style.

Bushi picked up the win after an equal back & forth.

MUST WATCH: Titan vs Dragon Lee

They insist on Red Shoes wearing a Lucha mask during their match & as the match started the two CMLL competitors shook hands & hugged.

Red Shoes removed the mask & got booed by the crowed.

This is a match completely based on two friends trying to outdo the other for 2 points & Dragon Lee picks up those points.

This was a master class in Lucha Libre style & it took me back to everything I loved about wrestling as a child.

MUST WATCH: Rocky Romero vs El Phantasmo

At this point El Phantasmo is equalling Prince Devitt, if he doesn’t loose any tournament match’s he will be the first fornier to be undefeated since Devitt.

This is Rocky Romero’s first main event in Koregan Hall.

Romero starts off strong with a drop kick followed by a suicide dive to the outside. This match descends into chaos, no pun intended, and spills into the crowed & seated area, allowing for Rocky Romero to show why he is The King of Sneaky Style.

They get back in the ring & both come alive with high flying with hints of Japanese strong style & submission holds.

Romero is the true babyface of this piece while El Phanasmo works hard to get his heel persona over, which he has in such a short time of being in New Japan.

This match nearly went to a time limit draw but Rocky Romero pulled out the win with less than 2min to go. This match just escalated to an insane level & even featured a Eddie Gurrero belt spot.

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