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Pro Wrestling EVE – SuperSHEdown

Pro Wrestling EVE Rules

Short people to the front

No racism

No sexism

No homophobia

No transphobia

No xenophobia

No body shaming

No groping

No taking inappropriate photos or videos of performers, tag the performers when you post the pics/vids & take them down if requested.

Kacey vs Sakura

That match was insane

Little Miss Roxey vs Viper

Roxey came out with Gregs cup of tea, she is apparently an ambassador for Gregs.

I’m a little in love with her already.

Viper just did the splits, her and Roxey are trying to one up each other in this match.

Viper picks up the win after an intense hard hitting technical match.

Charlie Morgan

Charlie Morgan is the former Pro Wrestling EVE champion.

Her entrance music is great, “Do It Like A Dude” by Jessie J.

She wants another match with Kay Lee Ray.

Charlie Morgan is great on the mic, if you haven’t seen any of her match’s seek them out.

Millie McKenzie & Charlie Evans (The Medusa Complex) vs Erin Angel & Jetta (Wrestlefriends)

The Medusa Complex are the heel’s in EVE.

Wrestlefriends seem to be very popular with the crowd.

The Medusa Complex jump out of the ring before Evans gets back in & is beat down by Jetta & Angel.

Millie was still on the outside, there is also of fighting & wrestling on the outside before Evans & Angel get back in the ring & wrestle.

The fight in the crowd makes it feel really gritty & underground. I really like the punk rock aesthetic of this promotion.

Millie McKenzie is in my top ten non-WWE women’s wrestlers. She is just incredible.

The Wrestlefriends pick up the win.

Millie beat up the ref after the match & get’s suspended for 90 days.

MUST WATCH: Leon vs Command Bolshoi

Leon & Bolshoi are both masked wrestlers.

This match is for the Pure J Open Weight Championship.

This match is just full of beautiful technical & high flying wrestling.

These women are an absolute joy to watch & I need to seek out more of their match’s.

They are both just so smooth in the ring, this match is insane.

Bolshoi retains the Pure J Open Weight Championship.

As this is my first time experiencing theses too women, I’m very impressed. I’m now a fan.

Burlesque Performance

They have a whole segment based on sex education & abstinence.

They even used a bit from the sex education class scene from Mean Girls.

SHE HAD NIPPLE TASSELS ATTACHED TO HER BUM! She was dancing & they where swinging & it was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

And now the live stream is gone.

They ended up testing the stream with a stardom match with Viper.

My stream isn’t working but from what I’ve seen Pro Wrestling EVE is a fantastic & inclusive company.

You can watch Pro Wrestling Eve’s free content & keep up to date with future shows on.

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