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Smackdown Live – 4th June 2019

The New Day

Kofi Kingston is back on form with his promo work, it was a little sloppy last week.

We got a video package of Kofi’s time in Ghana & it was amazing, it made me a little emotional because I’m so happy at how far he’s come.

I love you Dolph but now is not the goddamn time. But this video package is great, we always sleep on Ziggler but he is one of the best most consistent performers this company has & they have never really fully capitalised on it.

There where “Thankyou Ziggler” chants.

They are just one upping each other with videos & its fantastic.

I’m so invested in this story, why does it have to be at Super Showdown? WHY is this not happening at Stomping Grounds.

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs Kevin Owens

Just keep Sami & Dolph on Smackdown so when Big E comes back we can have amazing 6 man tags & a fantastic feud with great match’s & amazing promos.

Sami Zayn & Xavier Woods start the match , they go through some moves & both tag in Kofi & Kevin.

Owens & Zayn are just cheating all over the place tonight.

Kofi Kingston hits Sami Zayn with the Trouble in Paradise for the win, only for Dolph Ziggler to hit Kingston with a superkick.

I’m sick of seeing Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn being put in the same position that they where in before they both left for surgery.

A Moment Of Bliss

Am I watching Smackdown Live or RAW?

The best storyline Alexa has had in a good year is her love for coffee.

So Alexa is a heel on Smackdown & a face on RAW.

Carmella’s biggest strength is her mic workNow Charlotte Flair is here, we are getting a match between Charlotte, Alexa & Carmella.

So pick your favourite blond, when there are a bunch of women backstage who are doing NOTHING.

Aliester Black Promo

So when are we getting Aliester Black vs Buddy Murphy

Vs Shinskue Nakamura

Vs Finn Balor

Vs Mustafa Ali

Shane O’Mac

Shane O’Mac is here with The RevivaI don’t want to be a negative Nancy but I really do check out when Shane comes on & starts licking his own arsehole.

He’s dragging down some amazingly talented athletes & performers & it’s horrible to watch.

Roman Reigns just came out & started throwing punch’s. Drew McIntyre came with a claymore kick out of nowhere.

Alexa Bliss vs Carmella vs Charlotte Flair

This is like a choose your own adventure book, but all the characters look very similar.

Alexa Bliss did an impressive Sunset Flip Bomb on Charlotte.

Sonya Daville & Mandy Rose just came out to watch & they look great. I’m pretty sure they are salty that they weren’t considered for this match. There is no point to even think they are in contention for the tag belts as we never see them & they aren’t booked strongly.

Carmella is so good in the ring, she just gets better & better every week.

Alexa Bliss hits the DDT & pins Carmella for the win.

What is even this booking right now?

Lars Sullivan in Ring Interview

They let him speakLars is good on the mic, he was in NXT, but unfortunately he has the kind of heat you don’t want. Go Away heat.

Lucha House Party just got chants.

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas vs Apollo Crews

Andrade attacks Apollo before the bell even has a chance to ring.

Finn Balor comes out for the save but is put down by Andrade.

I’m pretty sure there where some Tranquilo chants in the crowd.


I could live my whole life without ever having to see Goldberg again.

His entrance doesn’t look as cool without the pyro.

Goldberg may not be a good wrestler but his promo skills are great.

The lights went out, you hear the gongs & there he stands, The Undertaker.

Now for an epic old man stair down.

Entrance time: 02:18:05

Promo time: 03:01:73

24/7 Championship

R-Truth & Carmella are so wholesome.

So we are getting a lumberjack match between Elias & R-Truth. Elias wins.

The undercard al get in the ring, beating each other up while Elias escapes only to be confronted by R-Truth.

R-Truth wins back the 24/7 championship by chasing Elias under the ring.

He runs off but is almost caught by Drake Maverick.

Saving Smackdown

24/7 Championship

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Dolph Ziggler

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