Wrestlers of the Week – Week 29

With a week that was full of wrestling from Stomping Grounds, Fight For The Fallen, Evolve’s 10th anniversery show & The G1, it was a hard task to come up with only 10, but we did it.

These picks are from Bam, Ren & Mama Nix between 13.07.2019 – 19.07.2019.

1. Tetsuya Naito Will Ospreay Jon Moxley 10 Points

2. SANADA Kota Ibushi Darby Allin 9 Points

3. Shingo Takagi Tanahashi Shawn Spears 8 Points

4. Bea Pristley Zack Saber Jr Jimmy Havoc 7 Points

5. Jimmy Havoc Jon Moxley SANADA 6 Points

6. Cima Juice Robinson Will Ospreay 5 Points

7. Kenny Omega Tetsuya Naito Shingo Takagi 4 Points

8. EVIL Okada Shoko Nakajima 3 Points

9. Yano Jay White Yano 2 Points

10. Tichi Yano Juice Robinson 1 Point

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