GCW: Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3

On January 13th 2020 Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3 was announced, scheduled to take place on 2nd April 2020 during Wrestlemaina weekend in Tampa, Florida, where Josh Barnett and Jon Moxley would finally meet in a GCW ring.  This event was postponed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to 11th October 2020 now taking place in Marion County, Indiana.  

A big thing to take note of is the show always starts with a parade of the competitors; this is a stacked card and expect some of the best submission wrestling, grappling and hard-hitting action you will see on American soil.  Josh Barnett absolutely knocked it out of the park putting together this card and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  The main event will see Jon Moxley face off against Chris Dickinson.

Simon Grimm vs Matt Makowski

This will be Simon Grimm’s third appearance at a Bloodsport event, while this marks Matt Makowski’s second appearance at the event.

Makowski gets the first jab in, but Grimm takes him down to the mat attempting a submission hold, they roll out of the ring.  Soon Makowski is using his strong legs to strike him. Grimm gives a Headlock takedown transitioning from a Double Wristlock to a Side Headlock. Makowski hits a Moonsault into a Front Facelock.

After many strikes Grimm got him down to the mat, Makowski goes for an arm bar, Grimm mounts him giving a few strong Elbow Strikes, the two tussle and Grimm gets him into a submission hold focusing on the ankle, but Makowski gets the upper hand.  This match is a contrast of styles from the strong striking ability of Makowski to the incredible catch style submission wrestling of Grimm.

M goes for the cross arm breaker, Grimm tried to escape and is caught in a Leg Bar and hits a German Suplex, right on Makowski’s head causing a referee stoppage.

Simon Grimm wins via referee stoppage.

Round 1 Tournament: Killer Kelly vs Allysin Kay

This is Killer Kelly’s first appearance at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport but she seems tailor made for the event. Allysin Kay has previously competed at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2 making this her second appearance for the event.

Allysin makes the first touch with a Headlock, Killer Kelly gives her a slap to the face but is quickly taken down by Allysin after more grappling Kay goes for an Arm Bar and then a Front Facelock but escapes. Killer Kelly is now going for strikes only for her to take Allysin to the mat with a Drop Toe and then using a Front Facelock before hitting her in the head. Allysin gets Killer Kelly into a Leg Bar who is trying to escape with strikes to the face. She does and gets taken down to the mat again.

They get back to a standing position Killer Kelly striking but Kay takes her down to a ground and pound, Kelly gets out and does the same back.  With Kay back on top she hits her opponent with clubbing forearms and transitions trying to get a Cross Arm Breaker, Kelly is determined to show her who’s boss, hitting Allysin repeatedly in the head, while still in a figure four, the two of them begin slapping each other in the face.

The two of them are back to a standing position but Allysin Kay takes her down to the mat again looking for a Cross Arm Breaker, Killer Kelly gets Kay in a Rear Naked Choke, but she escapes with a slam. Killer Kelly starts striking Kay and hits a Butterfly Suplex, Kay kicks her and mounts her, but Killer Kelly escapes but not for long, Allysin Kay locks in a head scissors and gets Killer Kelly to tap out.

Allysin Kay wins via submission.

Round 1 Tournament: Lindsay Snow vs ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch

Lindsay Snow has previously competed at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2 making this her second appearance for the event where as this is Leyla Hirsch first appearance at a Bloodsport event.

Snow goes for a Front Facelock but Hirsch escapes who takes Snow down to the mat, the two of them tussle for a minute and head back to a standing position, Hirsh has less submission training, but her amateur background could help her here, Snow keeps taking control going for a Cross Arm Breaker.

Rear naked choke and tries for the scissors, but soon Hirsch is striking Snow in the face and Hirsch gives her a double take down, hitting another elbow transitioning into a Cross Arm Breaker attempt, soon they are back on their feet after a huge lift and a Heel Hook “Legit” Leyla Hirsch taps out to Lindsay Snow.

Lindsey Snow wins via Submission.

Calvin Tankman vs Alexander James

This will be Calvin Tankman and Alexander James first appearance at a Bloodsport event.

The two competitors go nose to nose before the introductions, just from this you know it is going to be an intense battle, Calvin Tankman seems to have the full support of the crowd behind him, Alexander James does not at all, a reign of boos can be heard around the arena.

Tankman begins to throw strikes and takes James down hitting heavy strikes; he takes him to the edge of the mat, which forces a break.  They get up but James is taken down quickly again, keeping his arms wrapped around the abdomen and pressing him to the mat before mounting him and tries to ground and pound him, hoping to put this opponent away quickly.  James reverses the mount but Tankman keeps a hold of his arm.  James slips out and gets a Body Scissors Full Choke but Tankman reverses.

The two of them stay on the mat jockeying for position, neither man being able to get the upper hand.  The fight goes back to a standing position, James hitting elbows but after a Samoan drop to Alexander James it looks like it could be all over.  James goes for a Triangle but Tankman picks him up only for James to escape, the two just begin punching each other before Tankman begins striking with his knees before grounding and pounding him for the win.

Calvin Tankman wins via referee stoppage.

Erik Hammer vs “Grizzly” Kal Jak

This will be Erik Hammer’s second appearance at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport while this will be “Grizzly” Kal Jak first appearance at Bloodsport.

Kal Jak gets the first hit which results in a striking contest only for the two to grapple to the mat, Hammer locks in a Headlock, and they roll to the apron, the referee forcing them to a standing position in the centre.  Jak starts giving Elbow Strikes but Hammer gives Back Elbow Strikes to escape, locking in a Rear Naked Choke Hold and transitions into a Front Facelock before clubbing him on the back.  He goes back into a Crossface Choke, a few palm strikes and Jak rolls him over going for a wristlock, but Hammer is an experienced submission specialist and gets him into another Front Facelock, controlling the pace.

Kal Jak hits a huge slam, but Hammer is back on the advantage, giving hard liver strikes with his knees and tries again for a Choke Hold. Jak hits a Doctor Bomb and goes for an Arm Bar, but can’t lock it in, Hammer goes for a Double Wrist Lock.  These two men are just beating the hell out of each other, Jak hitting a Gut-wretch Suplex and Hammer locks in the Double Wrist Lock making Kal Jak tap out.

Erik Hammer wins via Submission.

‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor vs Homicide      

This is Homicide’s first appearance at a Bloodsport event where as Tom Lawlor has appeared at Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport and Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2 in matches against Walter and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

From the tale of the tape they seem evenly matched but Lawlor was the height advantage.  The two of them start fast and grapple trying to take the other to the mat. Lawlor goes for strikes downstairs and wrestles Homicide down to the mat.  Lawlor starts hitting and striking Homicide who doesn’t move. Chops, Forearms and Knee Strikes are all here, Lawlor goes for a kick but Homicide goes for the STF only to escape going for a Double Wrist Lock, they both get back up to their feet but he takes him down keeping hold of the wrist.

Homicide hits Lawlor with the Crotch Lift Slam and starts focusing on Lawlor’s ankles and legs to put his opponent at a disadvantage after some even grappling from both men Homicide starts stamping on Lawlor’s head.  Lawlor takes him down viciously and gets him in a Front Facelock but Homicide hits an Exploder Suplex on him, Lawlor tries to fight back but runs into a knee. This match is just an all out fight and what we came to see at Bloodsport.

Tom Lawlor gets Homicide in a Half Crab submission hold, putting all his body weight on the leg for a tap out.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor wins via Submission.

Josh Alexander vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Smith has appeared at all of Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport events with a two match winning streak against Killer Kross and Tom Lawlor, will he be able to go 3-0 tonight?  This is Josh Alexander’s first appearance at a Bloodsport event.  

The two of them start grappling down to the mat but quickly get back up to a standing position. Smith takes Alexander down and goes for a Double Wristlock then a Arm Breaker, Smith has been training with Barnett and Dickinson during the last six months and it shows.  the two roll to the apron forcing a break and Alexander comes back in the ring but is quickly taken down again, but Alexander gets a hold of Smith’s leg. Smith gets another Double Wristlock on Alexander and takes him down, refusing to let go, going for a body scissors in to a Choke but Alexander escapes only to get locked into a Sharpshooter, it’s too close to the apron and this forces the break.

The two of them return to the centre of the ring in a standing position Alexander now begins attacking Smith with knees and forearms but Smith hits a vicious forearm of his own and instantly picks Alexander up into a Liger Bomb knocking Josh Alexander out.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. wins via KO

Final of the Women’s Tournament: Allysin Kay vs Lindsay Snow

Allysin Kay is 2-0 at Bloodsport giving her an advantage in the finals over Lindsey Snow who is 1-1 at Bloodsport.  Allysin Kay has an 8 inch height advantage over her opponent; this helped her in the last match.

Lindsey Snow goes for a takedown, but Kay avoids it and takes Snow down who goes for a Cross Armbreaker, Kay goes for a triangle and Snow gets a Leg Bar only for Kay to escape. Snow goes for a Wrist Lock but again goes to the leg in desperation, Kay escapes trying for a Front Facelock but also grabs the leg, while Snow gives hard knees to the mid section, Kay makes a mistake with Snow grabbing her arm. These two women are fantastic submission wrestlers, the two of them battling unable to get the upper hand.

Lindsey Snow delivers more Forearm Strikes, Snow is vicious in her attacks but allows Allysin Kay to grab her arm, they get back up to a standing position only for Kay to take her down again.  Lindsey Snow makes short work of Allysin Kay hitting more vicious Forearms and locking in a Leg Bar for the tap out.  Josh Barnett comes to the ring to congratulate both ladies and present Lindsey Snow with the tournament cup.

Lindsey Snow wins via Submission.

Chris Dickinson Vs Jon Moxley

Chris Dickinson has appeared at Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport and both Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport to date this is set to be Jon Moxley’s first appearance at a Bloodsport event and hopefully not his last.  

The crowd is going wild and this has a big fight feel to it before wither man has even touched.  The two tussle only for Dickson to slap Moxley, who delivers a Single Leg Takedown but Dickinson pops right back up.  Moxley blocks a kick and uses another Single Leg Takedown forcing Dickinson to the mat.  The two of them grapple on the mat both grabbing a leg each trying to punish the other, when this goes nowhere the two get back to their feet.  Dickinson this time takes Moxley down to the mat and straight into a Head Scissors.

Dickinson goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, but Moxley avoids it hitting vicious Forearms and takes Dickinson down again. Moxley throws Dickinson out of the ring, hitting the ring post before slamming into the concrete outside. It takes Dickinson a moment to gather himself and get back into the ring, clutching his wrist, any sense of weakness is something Moxley will notice and instantly mounts Dickinson clubbing him before going for a Cross Arm Breaker.

Moxley knocks Dickson out of the ring again and it again takes him a minute to get back into the ring.  Moxley is ready for him trying to hit the Gotch Style Piledriver but Dickinson uses his size and strength to avoid the move at all costs, hitting a Dragon Screw Leg Whip.  He follows up with a German Suplex and a Knee Bar, now he is the one punishing Moxley, who rolls the two of them to the ring apron forcing a break, the two men rolling to the outside.

They get back in the ring trading heavy Forearms, trying to outdo each other and then going for Chops to the chest, a Headbutt from Mox takes Dickinson down to a knee. Dickinson fights back hitting a Belly-to-back Suplex, another Suplex and a High Kick taking Mox down, Dickinson mounts and begins to ground and pound going for an Arm Bar, Moxley keeps blocking his attempts.  A huge hard Knee Strike drops Chris Dickinson allowing Jon Moxley to lock in a Headlock for the win.

Jon Moxley gets the win via referee stoppage.

This match is an all out war and is the match of the night and possibly the whole weekend.

WIN – LOSS – DRAW Record

Killer Kelly0-1-0
Allysin Kay2-1-0
Lindsay Snow2-1-0
Leyla Hirsch0-1-0
Erik Hammer2-0-0
“Grizzly” Kal Jack0-1-0
Calvin Tankman1-0-0
Alexander James0-1-0
Simon Grimm1-2-0
Matt Makowski1-1-0
Davey Boy Smith Jr.3-0-0
Josh Alexander0-1-0
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor1-2-0
Chris Dickinson1-3-0
Jon Moxley1-0-0

Find Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3 on FiteTV. For more information about future Bloodsport events head over to Twitter and follow @JoshLBarnett and @GCWrestling_

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