A Hot Mess – UKW Friday Night Showdown Stays Cool

When you’re hot, you’re hot. UKW, are on fire at the moment. That may be because of the big moves they’ve made which have bedded in and made something special.

There’s just no handhold here.

We want babyfaces to run the place, don’t we? Good guys telling us what the rules are, organising the place for a higher reason than personal gain.

When heels lead, it’s about them. Even heel groups are suspicious of each other. And so when the Persian Empire broke out and JPR allied himself with arrogant heel Cayman Carlisle, UKW Friday Night Showdown didn’t provide any handhold, no safe place.

But it enabled the show to go places. And it has. The place it’s gone? Quality.

But things have changed in that heel picture. JPR recently revealed in my podcast, Steve Swift’s Rambling Reviews, that his alliance was just a long plan to put the Collective, Carlisle and Henri Winter, out of action.

And the Persian Empire didn’t have it all their way on this episode either.
More of that in a min. First, a rundown of this excellent show which was 90 mins but seemed like 30.

Luna Rox Is Back in UK Wrestling!

And there’s a slick and successful video – do people still say video? – package for her too.

One-half of the tag team champs with Alfieeeeeeee Rogue, who Leonie Rose is suggesting she banished from UKW, Luna will surely want to cross swords with the Pest.

Jester Jayrow Lewis v Johann Hunt

Should Jayrow Lewis be laughing at Hunt and Big Duncan? Seems like taking your life in your hands to me. But then, he was one of the 4 who stood up to the last week and backed them off.

But Hunt hit a sweet 619 and then Rose smacked Jayrow Lewis into the apron and ran him into the ringpost; she can hang with so many on the roster. But although Hunt hit a slingblade, it was the Jester’s spiked DDT and kicks which looked nastier.

And then The Persian Empire’s night got a little more challenging as Cerebral Ste, Jonathan Sedgwick and Luna came into the ramp. Mustafa Khan was well distracted, but unfortunately so was Hunt, who fell to the Lewis driveby kick for the pin.

After, Khan told Johann he’d let him and the Empire down. He had a point…

Screenshot 20220316 190935 YouTube
The Challenge To The Persian Empire Credit; From The Show On YouTube

Remus Caine w/DeCaro v Young Horus

He had the match of the night last week. And although he has an 0-19 streak, I didn’t mind him fighting for the Round The Clock belt, ‘cos he’s getting so much better and learning so much.

But early on Caine controlled things, a shoulder tackle, flying lariat and some good old fashioned stomps.

Horus then thought an off the top double axe handle would get the pin; think again, but he did get a chant and there’s a sense that he’s getting over.

He hit a lovely inzegueri with a sharp whipcrack effect but fell to the TKO.
Matchmaker Sid Phoenix was so impressed by Caine’s work that he granted a tag team chance against champs New Dawn at the next PPV.

This wasn’t the Match Of The Night, bloody close though.

This was the Match Of The Night!

Screenshot 20220316 191351 YouTube
Young Horus About To Kick Out Credit; From The Show On YouTube

Joe Sedgwick v Cliff Harrison

Fast, fun and full of Wrestling frolics, this was classy.

From the moment Sedgwick’s Figure 4 was reversed and he reversed the reversal, it promised to be fab; Harrison hit another of his ‘Hold on’ moves which he showcased last week – this time it was a spinning neckbreaker into a suplex and very soon after he walked out of the corner with Joe hooked up and hit a sweet spinebuster.

JS got the pin through with his Hard Target elbow from the top; before he hit it, he apologised to the crowd who were split in their affections.

Who wouldn’t be, it was pretty special and could have gone an extra 10 mins for me.

Winter and JPR made up, handshake accepted and although JPR was worried about what the crowd would think about his recent actions, they rallied behind him. This match helped.

Screenshot 20220316 191657 YouTube
Here Comes The Spinebuster Credit; From The Show On YouTube

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