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Memphis Wrestling Reboot? Nah, Same Brilliance

Yes, the Memphis Wrestling anniversary trio of weeks ended last week, so we start a new cycle. Will they call it something different? Give it a different name? Add some bunting and a pair of swag curtains?

Nope, they just continued to delight. This show is so strong, that it doesn’t need any changes. It wags a finger at them.
Let the Memphis Wrestling excellence continue…

Gargantuan Guest

Five time
Five time
Five time

Champion Booker T is here! He worked the room beautifully and then bigged up his Reality Of Wrestling stars who would be in action that evening.

But not just that. He sold the show with one phrase;

To be a star in this business, you have to come through Memphis

that was so beautifully done, linking the old with the new and providing perfect encapsulation (and we all want a bit of that…)

The Women’s Division Is Still Hot in Memphis Wrestling

No champ Skylar this week, but a tasty feud bubbling. Amber Rodriquez didn’t like the way she was treated by dethroned champ Heather Monroe. And she wants to take it out on her face; imagine what a match between these two excellent characters/brilliant wrestlers would be.

Diana Taylor is ready. This angle has been honest, she accepted she wasn’t at the top of her game and so she worked on her chain wresting and such with Cobra and others. We’ve seen it for weeks and now she’s ready.

Diana Taylor v Cassandra Golden

They’re friends, but that’s all forgotten here. This action was fast and frenetic, it goes back and forth, with a sweet Taylor bulldog for a 2 count but Golden getting her own with a Sidewalk Slam.

And even though Taylor connected with a Slingblade, the Falcon Arrow saw her lose another. And she was inconsolable afterward.

Where will Memphis Wrestling go with this? Will Diana train harder? Or will she feel that a trip to the heel side might see her rack up some wins? It’s a great angle.

And Now An Update On Tag Team Champs (No They Aren’t, Yes They Are) The Posse

They told me on my podcast that they saw the titles as a bargaining chip. And in the chat with deposed champs the Yung GOATS, who had their coach Brandon and Zay Washington’s cousin Rashad Lee with them.

We learned that:

They took the titles. I thought they won them, albeit in an unsanctioned match
They aren’t Memphis Wrestling wrestlers at the moment.
They won’t sign their contracts.
The Yung GOATS will fight them anywhere. Wh
ich The Posse suggested to me is just what they want.

It’s a messy tag team picture. And delicious too.

We’ve been waiting for so long. Mikey has been drinking in the fan’s adulation – this week he even jumped on a Memphis Wrestling regular’s back.

Mikey vs Van Viciousssssss

The Skimahorns and the Elements Of Wrestling are here too, of course, Jimmy Blaylock is scouting, he might have a lot to write about VV.

Why? He’s not bigged up enough for his wrestling talent, mainly because he’s such an arrogant popinjay. But here, he hit a Full Nelson Slam, a Powerslam, and a wonderful looking Torture Rack to Death Valley Driver.

For the pin. Yes, VV won.

But this was about Mikey. He asked his cousins again if they would let the fans in and they agreed. But was that because they want to go after the Trios rings? Seemed to be.

And that’s the beauty of this. It isn’t a turn to the light. There are reasons. And because it’s based on that, there are still wonderings. So well done, this is still simmering.

When your Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champ, you’ve got a target on your back. Who can you trust? Swole? Well…

The Etiquette (Jay Smooth & Martin) w/Cross v Brett & Swole

This went well, the Memphis Muscle (as they were briefly called) showed their power with a Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) Michaels very delayed suplex and spinebuster, even if he couldn’t land that Gunshow Lariat early.

Do you know what I said about Van Viciousssssss earlier? The same goes for Martin. He may have been annoyed by the ‘Precious’ chants earlier and hates any memory of his previous Memphis Wrestling alter ego, he can turn it on between the ropes, including nasty punches and a sweet Bulldog off the top on Swole.

The ending came with a simultaneous Gunshow Lariat and Swole Slam; pin and a new team, right?

Oh no, during the celebrations the news came through that Swole was No1 contender. Oops. So he held onto the belt for slightly too long and declared himself interested in the big, shiny title.

And that’s not all. Earlier, Mike Anthony declared his love for his Memphis Wrestling Cobra Cup. Why? Three little words, he told us – anytime, anyplace, anywhere. He can cash in and he’s happy to wait.

This is turning into a messy situation. And as a Memphis Wrestling fan, that is all for the good.

A Glorious Mess in Memphis Wrestling

There’s a mess in the Tag and Heritage Title pictures at the moment. And we know controversy creates cash. And viewers. It’s superbly done by Memphis Wrestling and their success is so well deserved. Goes by in the blink of an eye? That’s ‘cos the quality’s high…

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