Memphis Wrestling : K Toomer Ain’t Happy

Stay Tuned, They Said That's what Memphis Wrestling told me when I whined about the outcome of the Toomer v Bret 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn' Michaels Heritage Title match a few weeks ago - Maurice The Strong crowbar between Toomer's shoulders and he was out injured. From a crowbar to the back? Well, maybe.... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Start Strong With Memphis Wrestling Tag champs the Posse versus Derrick The King and Ray Ray Sanders. As the Memphis Wrestling twitter feed said; 'The Posse kick things off HOT! NO RULES!!' In a No Rules match. Which here should have been called a No Disappointment match. Why? Cedit; Five Starr Fan Cam/Fredstyle88 So much... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling: Fantastic Franchise

Shane Douglas Is In Memphis Wrestling! And the Franchise does his work masterfully. He did several things; Mentioned the Memphis Wrestling legacy, including the recently passed Jerry Jarrett Reminded us of Eastern Championship Wrestling into Extreme Championship Wrestling by throwing the old Internet Championship belt down Presented the new one with a held-back awe Reacted... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Milestone : 100!

100 episodes, that is; Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You You've Made It 100 And You Still Look Good Too Because Memphis Wrestling does. Created to look like independent wrestling Saturday morning programmes of the 80's, head honcho Dustin Starr, commentating from behind The Desk, is the moral centre of modern Memphis Wrestling.... Continue Reading →

Memphis Wrestling Ton Up Tune Up!

Yes, Happy Birthday To Ya, Happy Biiiiiiiiiirthday! Well, actually, this isn't the Memphis Wrestling 100th episode, that's next week and the Griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind City Rumble, but there are 3 weeks of celebrations to come; this was the tune up. And what a tune up, it certainly got fans Rumble Ready. Justin Cole Is Back! One half... Continue Reading →

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