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CCW Gets The Rub and it’s Too Sweet

Not that they need it. The Coastal Championship Wrestling YouTube shows have been great for ages, only 20 mins or so but packed full of Wrestling which is usually rather fine.

They push in guests who don’t usually turn up and do call and response with the crowd, they wrestle; in Brian Cage’s case, brilliantly.

You Know That Call/Response Thing?

The Good Brothers made an appearance. Now, I’m not sold on the Bros and have said so, but I understand they have a Bullet Club lineage, Impact, NJPW, WWE, and AEW shoulder-rubbing, and loads of people like them.

So I could be wrong. Ring that date in the calendar.

And this appearance was very well done:

A. Sweet

B. Too Sweet

Because they bigged up CCW’s longevity and set-up, then they invited the wrestlers in the ring to do the Too Sweet touch.

And it was never too sweet either, not so saccharine that it made your teeth itch.

Screenshot 20220413 200344 YouTube
Too Sweet Credit; from the show on YouTube

What About The CCW Wrestling?

Oh, it’s good. Check this out;

El Jefe Santos v Taylor Wolf

Santos is the CCW ex-Heavyweight champ, losing to oh-so-popular Cha Cha Charlie but still a powerful presence with real pep in his moves. He’s really good to watch.

Wolf didn’t care about that. He tried to get in the mind of Santos, leaving the ring, peddling prevarication; it worked with his spoiling tactics, at one point grinding his boot into the former champ’s face and slamming him with authority.

Screenshot 20220413 200411 YouTube
What, ref? Credit; from the show on YouTube

Of course, Santos returned with a lovely Swinging Neckbreaker, but the impetus stalled as Wolf hit a massive Side Slam for a 2 count.

Even though El Jefe managed to land a big Dropkick and Senton, he couldn’t hit his Gutbuster finisher, Wolf wouldn’t let him.

And a big move. Wolf through the ropes, Santos clattering against the guardrail, a ‘Holy Sh*t’ chant from the CCW crowd entirely appropriate. They didn’t chant when Wolf brought his opponent in from the bottom rope via a Superplex, but it deserved it.

That Superplex Credit; from the show on YouTube

But Santos didn’t win the main strap for nothing; Pump Handle Powerslam for a long 2 count, over the top rope Cutter for an even longer 2, clothesline, and then that Gutbuster for the pin.

What a great match. Back and forth, good moves, 2 big fellas duking it out.

Santos Victorious Credit; from the show on YouTube

The Half Tag Team Match

lt was supposed to be Francisco Ciatso with Noah King and Reeves Portman facing ‘Florida Man’ T.C Reed with CCW the tag team champs.

That would be high flier Ariel Levy and behemoth Brazilian Vinicious; they work so well together and with their manager Bill Alfonso – yes, that ECW Fonzie – they seem unbeatable.

We joined it in progress, so there wasn’t much time to see anything but Levy diving over the top on loads of wrestlers and a trio roll up before Anderson and Gallows entered.

Screenshot 20220413 200757 YouTube
Levy Flies Credit; from the show on YouTube

King and Portman thought better of it and bailed, but fan-disliked Ciatso was too busy squaring up to the winners to see the big man Gallows behind him.

He certainly felt the Magic Killer. Twice. Now that’s naughty.

So Was It Worth Watching?

Oh yes. CCW is on YouTube :

and if you watch it, what will you get…

Fun and frolics of a wrestling kind with not so many angles.

Memorable characters.

Very good wrestling.

Is there anything else you’d need? CCW doesn’t think so.

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