Is Shawn Michaels Vs Undertaker The Best WrestleMania Match?

Is Shawn Michaels Vs Undertaker the best match in WrestleMania history? Let’s discuss, shall we?

There was a time when Wrestlemania matches actually mattered and the hype for the main event of
the event was legit. Not like a match that the entire WWE Universe watched multiple times in mania
and other WWE pay-per-views but still, WWE is promoting that match as the biggest match of all
time just as they did with Edge Vs. Orton (Best Wrestling Match Ever) & Cena Vs. Rock (Twice in a
lifetime) pun intended.

This match was booked as a Streak vs. Career match which was the last match in the career of the man
known as “Mr. WrestleMania” Shawn Michaels. His opponent? Perhaps his greatest rival, The
Undertaker. When I say the last match in the career of HBK it means it was the end of his career as a full-time wrestler. However, he made his in-ring return after so many years for an abomination that
happened at Crown Jewel 2018.

Okay, that’s enough shooting on WWE, now let’s get into the story of the match.

The story behind this match was incredible. After their incredible encounter at WM 25, Michaels
received a Slammy for ‘Match of the year’ and right after receiving the award he challenges The
Deadman for ‘ONE MORE MATCH’ to which Taker refused. Undertaker was champion at that time and the only way possible for Shawn to get a match with Taker at Mania was by winning the Royal Rumble. After Michaels got eliminated from the Rumble he attacked several referees, even Hunter told him to calm down. Michaels chose the wrong path and costs Taker his World Title in Elimination Chamber. Undertaker then accepts Michaels’ challenge the following week on Monday Night RAW but he puts one condition that Michaels needs to put his career on the line, to which Michaels accepted.

Now, let’s get into the match itself.

No fancy entrances from both the wrestlers just an epic stare-down to start the match. Usual back and
forth from both the legends and Michaels starts working on Taker’s knee, somehow Taker fought
back and tries to perform a tombstone on Michaels but Michaels reverses into an Anklelock. The crowd
was pretty quiet at the initial stage of the match as everyone knew that this match will not end so
easily. They worked their way out to the floor and Undertaker hit a Tombstone on the floor to the first
huge pop in this match and Michaels kicked out at two.

Undertaker tries to lock Michaels in Hell’s Gate but once again Michaels fought back. They both get
up; Michaels separates and hits Sweet Chin Music OUT OF NOWHERE! The crowd is waking up.
Michaels went for another superkick, but Undertaker countered with a Last Ride for another two
count! They fought it outside the ring and Michaels hit the Sweet Chin Music on the floor!
Undertaker is laying on the announce table. Michaels crawls up the apron, climbs up to the top and
Wow! Moonsault off the top rope onto the table. Table broke and Michaels popped to his feet
before falling down again!

Back in the ring, Michaels hits another Sweet Chin Music, but Undertaker kicks out at two. This was
one of the best superkicks I’ve ever seen. Michaels goes for third Sweet Chin Music but Taker
countered it into a chokeslam followed by a Tombstone Piledriver. One, two…NOOOO!. That spot
was pretty similar to WM 25. The crowd was hyped and starts chanting “This is Awesome” and they
were absolutely right. The Undertaker was about to do the cutthroat signal, but he stopped. He told
Michaels to stay down, but HBK got back up and gives the cutthroat signal to Undertaker and then slaps him! A vicious-looking Tombstone Piledriver by Undertaker & ONE, TWO, THREE & Michaels
career was over. The Undertaker is 18-0 at WrestleMania.

After the match, Undertaker posed in his purple light picking Michaels up. They shook hands.
They hugged each other while trying to stay on their feet. The final shot of the night was Michaels in
the ring getting the standing ovation he deserves for being one of the best ever. I enjoyed that
moment of seeing the crowd paying tribute to this man who spent his life entertaining us like few
others could.

by Alex from Wrestlebuddy

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