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CCW: Simply Something Special

What can I say? 20 mins. That’s all. 2 matches. That’s all. Make sure they’re good and you’ve got something. CCW do.

First Up on CCW…

South American Alliance v The New Age Power Trip

Big Brazilian Boy Vinicious. High Flyer Ariel Levy. And ECW alumnus, permasmiling and constantly whistling Fonzie; yes, Bill Alfonso is the manager of the South American Alliance, tag champs.

The opponents look like a tasty team too. Jake Tucker, who is well known to CCW fans, ‘Downtown’ Andy Brown is well known to many indie wrestling fans.

This had quite a lot; hyped-up crowd, hard-fought wrestling, and a distraction that wasn’t too distracting.

The SAA is so well-liked here. The New Age Power Trip? Not so much. And that crowd excitement added something to this match. A togetherness, a feeling that we’ve been waiting for this, a love of this promotion.

SAA showcased their hold to over the top rope Legdrop – like the old Demolition finisher, Sterling caught Levy off the top, synced him up, and hit a Suplex, Vinicious got off the mat for a well done High Cross Body and The New Age Power Trip (NAPT? Sounds like a school board) finally got the big man up by doubling their efforts on a Spinebuster.

That distraction was a hell of a big man. Jack Talos. He looks huge, can wrestle too, and wants Vinicious. He didn’t have to do much to almost cause the upset challenger to win, if Brown, after his Stunner, wasn’t kicked into the corner and crotched his partner. The end was a roll-up, but that made perfect sense.

After all, this was a mess. But a hot one. Very hot. In fact, Levy seemed to be hot with his manager after the SAA win, Fonzie smiling widely and trying to smooth it over; that smile looked false to me…

Ariel Levy Tornado DDT Credit; CCW

The Atmosphere Is An Extra Wrestler

This is from Bash At The Brew 15 and there is a word for this crowd.

Frenetic is one.

Feverish is another.

You got the idea. And it’s not just this event, whether in the bigger brewing company for the Bash or the compact CCW space, these fans are knowledgeable and keen and they keep up the excitement.

The action often spills into the seats and the paying public is never worried, the action seems to be flowing so well from the ring to the crowd. Not in a smack-you-into-the-guardrail way, in the atmosphere and the warmth, the feeling that everyone in the building is into something good.

The Design

Sounds small I know, but the design blocks tell you what you need to know about the wrestlers, match, and odd bits of info.

It’s a feature, a big block you can’t ignore, done out in red and grey; stylish and often quirky.

Just something that sets CCW apart. The wrestling does that too, of course.

Up Second A CCW Cruiserweight Championship Battle.

Allan Martinez v Chris Farrow

‘S2S’ Martinez isn’t a popular champ, whilst Farrow seems almost willed by the crowd to win.

Ooh, Martinez isn’t half disrespectful, a slap to the chops, a Dropkick to the back of the head, but Farrow returned with a very nice Asai Moonsault to the outside which he landed in a sliver of space.

He also hit a picture-perfect Meteora but missed a 450 and Martinez took the opportunity for an immediate Go To Sleep for the pin.

It didn’t go long but it did go well. Fast-paced, formidable, and rather fine, the crowd didn’t enjoy the outcome, but they couldn’t have disliked this excellent contest.

Farrow Off The Top Credit; CCW

20 Hot Minutes

No fat on this program; 20 tight wrestling minutes which, if you’re sure about the wrestling you have, you don’t need to adulterate with angles

CCW is very sure of what they’ve got. So they should be.

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