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Marvelous Memphis Wrestling Definitely Delights

It sounds simple. But it’s not easy to do. The Memphis Wrestling Heritage Championship title picture isn’t the usual Champ versus No1 contender. There’s more to it.

Firstly the top 2. Brett (‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’) Michaels will face contender Big Swoll Justin Cole soon. So let’s get them on the show.

Big Swoll v Carlos Alexander Rios

This started the episode and Rios was not just there to make up the numbers; he seemed to be there at the request of Amber Rodriguez, after all, she was leading him to the ring by his beard.

Once inside, she got involved with a trip after Rios had felt 2 big backdrops and took the chance to drop the elbow.

A 1 count was all he got from that and as if Swoll felt that it was holding his day up, he got Rios out of there with a sudden Swoll Slam

Amber was so angry after that she threw one of her gloves at Rios; a short and sweet match that made Swoll look good.

The champ had it harder…

Brett Michaels v Martin

The former Precious has big wrestling skills and fought through those chants to land punches, knees to the face, and a huge leg drop.

Didn’t last long, despite a Jay Smooth and Cross distraction, the latter tasting a lariat whilst Martin suffered a Military Press and drop, then the Spinebuster and Gunshow Lariat finisher.

Martin was turned inside out and Brett looked mighty fine, Memphis Wrestling Heritage Champ standing tall and taking no heed of challengers.

There’s a third person at the dance, so let’s get him involved too.

Mike Anthony. The Genetic Nightmare had told Memphis Wrestling fans earlier that winning the Cobra Cup gives him an advantage; no more people taking his place, he cashes in when he wants to.

Dangerous, that.

Mike Anthony v Ryan Rembrandt

Rembrandt is a very good hand from the United Wrestling Network and he was here in Memphis Wrestling to show us what he could do.

It was a lot and after taking Mike down 3 times and synching in a single leg Boston Crab and a Crossface, surely fans believed that too.

The Genetic Nightmare wasn’t going to take that and decided to make a Suplex example of Rembrandt. How?

One Suplex…

Two Suplexes…

Three Suplexes…

Keep going…

Mike Anthony hit, count ’em, 9 Suplexes on Ryan and after than, the pin wasn’t in doubt


And Your Main Event of Memphis Wrestling…Will Allday vs Cameron Cole

Memphis Wrestling is so sure of themselves that they can give their main event to two wrestlers from Booker T‘s promotion, Reality Of Wrestling (it’s rather fine too).

Booker was on commentary, adding that star rub whilst the match was thoroughly entertaining

They didn’t half work hard to entertain us. Allday had a hold of Cole and didn’t let go even after a jarring Belly To Back Suplex, he then hit a roundhouse kick using the end turnbuckles as leverage – effortless.

A word about Cole’s Dropkicks – precision, there you go. And then he topped it all with a sweet Coast To Coast and a Codebreaker off the top! There’s that word again; precision. It looked amazing.

He’s a naughty one though and Booker had to stop him from using a chair – this fed into the earlier chat about Booker training both and seeing them as his wrestlers.

Cole walked into a Superkick for the Allday pin and that was a very entertaining main event – something different to delight us.

Not So Easy After All, Then?

Nope. But Memphis Wrestling makes it look that way. This had real artistry in the booking and real love in the delivery. That’s Memphis Wrestling, All Damn Day…

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