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4 Dream Matches For Sasha Banks Outside of WWE

We all love coming up with our own dream matches as wrestling fans and Sasha Banks is a performer who could wrestle anyone. She isn’t going anywhere, Banks is one of the top stars in WWE right now, but let’s have some fun and look at the four women I think would be the perfect opponent for The Boss. These are my dream matches and yours might be different but this is my list. So give me The Blueprint, The Standard, The Boss of WWE Vs the world.

Ice Ribbon / SEAdLINNNG | Asuka aka VENY


No not that one, the original Asuka of Joshi Wrestling is who we need to see face off against The Boss, Sasha Banks. If you don’t know who Asuka is then it’s time you found out. Asuka is the first transgender wrestler in Japan to make her debut in 2015, she has worked all over the independent circuit as well as forming a close bond with fellow wrestler Hana Kimura who was only 22 years old. 

She has worked under the name VENY in AEW, competing in their number one contender’s tournament for the AEW Women’s Championship as well as a few tag matches during this time. Their in-ring styles are very similar with their use of top-rope maneuvers and Lucha Libre influence. You know that the match would be hard-hitting and spectacular, allow these women to take it to the streets or even to a No DQ match and see where it goes.

IMPACT | Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace impact

Jordynne Grace and Sasha Banks would be a main event anywhere, both women are fantastic at wrestling anyone despite their size or experience. While Jordynne Grace has had the chance to wrestle man, even holding the X Division Championship, Sasha Banks hasn’t had that kind of opportunity in WWE. This could open the possibility of intergender tag team matches that IMPACT has become quite famous for.

If Banks got the opportunity to face Grace in the IMPACT zone or on the independent circuit it would be a spectacle. Along with this we most likely wouldn’t get just one match out of it. On the independent scene and at IMPACT they don’t care about gender when it comes to matches, it’s just about putting on the best show and creating the most compelling story. Sasha Banks would thrive in this kind of environment and to face off against the force that is Jordynne Grace, well that would be even better.

Stardom | Utami Hayashishita

Utami Hayashishita
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Sasha Banks would but on a 5-star classic with anyone on the Stardom Roaster, but the match that would steal the show is current World of Stardom Champion Utami Hayashishita Vs. Sasha Banks.

The Boss Vs. the Queen of Stardom would put on hard-hitting physical matches with a focus on submission moves while also being able to show off their charisma. Sasha Banks works at her best when she is a heel and would be able to fully embrace her dark and vicious side against the top babyface of Queens Quest.

With Sasha as a heel and possibly calling on Oedo Tai to help, this could be a huge multi-layered feud between two of the biggest and most popular stables in Stardom. This is something that Stardom is fantastic at and while a full-on feud would be lots of fun, you know it would all build to a singles match between two of the best workers in the industry right now. Sasha Banks’s in-ring style would garner great success in Japan and don’t we all want to see that.

AEW | Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

Britt Baker Vs Sasha Banks would be money

Let’s see the blueprint face off against the role model in what is bound to be a belter of a match. Really with both of these women you know it wouldn’t be just one match, we would get a whole program out of this. What a mouth-watering prospect would this be, seeing two of the biggest stars in Women’s wrestling get the chance to face off inside the squared circle.

Both women have fantastic submission finishers that can be locked in out of nowhere and are both visually deadly-looking. On top of this, they both utilize their athleticism, knowledge of wrestling history as well as their knees in order to win matches. The beauty of this pairing is that they can speed things up or slow things down inside the ring, plus if it means we also get to see Sasha Banks Vs. Jamie Hayter then what is there to not like?

How about we throw Thunder Rosa into the mix and have a multi-layered feud of epic proportions. In all honesty don’t we all secretly want Sasha Banks in AEW and facing the whole Women’s Division.

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