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Griffin Reviews: Series 5, Episode 2 of Peep Show

In previous episodes of Peep Show, we have met many love interests such as Big Suze, Toni, and Sophie but this episode marks the first appearance of perhaps the most beloved female in the entire series in that of Dobby. How will Mark feel now that this new woman has walked into his life and how are their first interactions?

The Episode: Series 5, Episode 2 – Spin Wars

Opening sharply, it starts with Mark explaining “I have this feeling I’m totally, totally fucked”. Mark explains other things he desires including being a Scout leader to which Jez accuses Mark of pedophilia before Mark admits an ex-leader was all over him to which Mark explains, “he was a bit of a pedo, but not in a bad way”. He adds it was “old style pedoing, before it got such a bad name”.

Sophie’s cousin Barney arrives to give Mark his tuna and Jez a sample of his music to see if he likes it. It is said Sophie is going back to work and Mark is in a panic that she will only talk about Mark jilting her at the altar and threatening PR war. When at work, Mitchell’s character avoids seeing Sophie at first but co-worker Lisa calls him “a real piece of shit”. Meanwhile, Super Hans and Jeremy listen to Barney’s track and realize how good it is so steal it and send it out to record companies as their own.

At lunch, Mark finally interacts with Sophie who cries at the sight of him. Not wanting to really sit anywhere to draw too much attention he asks to sit next to a girl in IT, who introduces herself as Debbie but is more commonly referred to as Dobby. Mark and she engage in cheese-based conversation and actually have some laughs as she blocks some emails. Mark is baffled to find she is nice and funny toward him.

Hans and Jez are shown to be abusing their new band member Barney, forcing him to sign a contract on top of getting them some McCoys, a Ribena, and a Twirl. Next up is one of the more iconic scenes in the show’s history. Mark goes into a storage cupboard to find Dobby who asks for his help. She then grinds on Mark sexually, while there is an awkward conversation about feta cheese. Mark pulls away eventually, leaving to find Sophie and Jeff smoking on the stairs near the fire exit. To hide his embarrassment from the interaction he has just had with Dobby, he claims he has instead wet himself.

At the flat, Hans and Jez only allow a hungry Barney a single poppadom and chutney, with Jeremy believing himself to be as generous as a “techno Gandhi”. In the office, Mark has found his mug broken by Sophie before Johnson (his boss) tells him Sophie’s behavior has gotten out of hand so she is on break. Johnson then smashes her mug in return. Mark then asks Dobby to come to see Jeremy’s gig, in a matter Dobby points out Mark trying to be normal before Mark mentally exclaims, “let me chew on your weird hair!”.

At the performance, Barney refuses to play even though he is the only one who can. Jez and Hans are informed they are on but Jeremy has to do a lot of stalling to wait for the real musician to get on stage. Mark and Dobby head to the toilets but before anything can get too serious, they are disturbed by violent vomiting next door, which turns out to be Sophie. Sophie, in a drunken manner, says she is Mark’s wife and Dobby walks out and Mark explains he has been caught out “like Angus Deayton or Harold Shipman”. Deayton would ironically become the host of ‘Would I Lie To You?’ a panel show featuring David Mitchell as a regular face.

The episode ends with both an inebriated Sophie and distressed Barney being driven off as all consider their next moves.


  • Introduction of Dobby
  • The Sophie through-line
  • Super Hans brilliant role in character
  • The cupboard scene


  • Lack of Johnson

So What Did You Think Of Peep Show?

This is a quite perfect reflection of Peep Show. Things mostly seem bleak but managed to start to turn around. Only for their legs to be cut from under them as a previous incident or past moment is what costs them what they nearly had. Overall, this has a consistent plot with the relationship between Sophie and Barney making for a great overall story.


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