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How Can Ten Haag Fix Manchester United?

So there is a huge problem at Manchester United. With back to back losses against two massive rivals, Liverpool and Arsenal, with the former being an embarrassing performance,

So, Where did the problems begin?

So in the last post, I talked in small detail about how Everton has been mismanaged and misowned but with United, I feel like it’s a bigger problem. When Sir Alex left the alarm bells started ringing.


So David Moyes comes as an Unkown in the larger picture in the Management world. He was never gonna have the Pull that a Klopp Or Mourinho would have. A season without trophies meant Moyes was sacked. Then came Van Gaal who did reasonably better, he brought United’s first European trophy since 2008 in the form of the Europa League but alas he was sacked. Then someone who called themselves ‘The Special One’ was next to Jose Mourinho who did a treble in the form of a Europa League, League Cup, and Community Shield.

So how did this club go Downhill?

Solskjær Sadness

In late 2018 Ole Gunnar Solskjær was appointed Manchester United boss, a famous win for Manchester United in the Champions League Round of 16 against PSG meant things were looking up for Solskjær’s United. This was followed up with a famous 2-0 Win over long-term rivals Manchester City and a second-place finish the following season was Solskjær United’s new hero?

No, It was the start of the end for Solskjær at United.

A dark cloud would soon hang over Solskjær’s head through losses such as a 5-0 embarrassment against Liverpool and two losses against Manchester City. This meant Solskjær’s head was being called for by Manchester United fans. Not long after Solskjær was sacked and with the club in complete disarray could this club be saved?

Putting Faith In The Youth at Manchester United & A New Era

And this brings us to now Erik Ten Haag has been announced as United boss for the 2022/23 Season So what must the Famous Dutchman Do to bring this club back to its past success?

Manchester United have always been one of those clubs with an amazing Academy, with Players like James Garner, Anthony Elanga, Jadon Sancho, and more giving the United fans hope that their team is in good hands. Ten Hag has created amazing players at Ajax and here he can do the same with United being a club in movement. The youth can help United get back on their feet.

Manchester United
James Garner Is One of United’s many Youth Talents

There is soon to be a huge outgoing of players from Manchester United. With the likes of Phil Jones, Anthony Martial, and Dean Henderson to name a few. This will free up unneeded wages that have held this club back. In terms of players that should join the club names like Anthony from Ajax and Pau Torres from Villareal have been rumored as potential incomings. It’s no secret Manchester United needs to change and change soon. Is there hope for United? Yes, but it might be 3/4 years before they challenge or replicate the success they used to have.

Manchester United is a club in need and Ten Hag could bring that change. So if the owners put complete trust in him there could be an amazing list of success, but if they don’t Ten Hag might be another one that slips through United’s fingers. The owners have been as much of the problem as the players but they can regain the trust of the fans by putting complete trust in the Dutchman. All in all the future is looking sorta bright for United but time will tell.

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